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‘Women of faith’

REDLANDS, Calif. — After “Women of Faith” shipped nine tons of humanitarian goods, representing more than 30,000 hours of service, to help the needy, including orphans, in Afghanistan, Jean Arnott had a thought she believes was shared by many involved — “What do we do next?”
Photo by Lisa TuckerFrom left, Madison Edwards, Maryn Miner and Catherine Aldous of Redlands, Calif., sort diaper pins to be included in newborn kits. They were helping with an interfaith project that resulted in massive humanitarian aid sent to Afghanistan.
It was a life-changing experience to be involved in such a massive humanitarian project, said Sister Arnott, Relief Society president in the Redlands 2nd Ward, Redlands California Stake. What made it even more fulfilling, she continued, were the women of other faiths who joined in the effort. They dubbed themselves “Women of Faith.”
“I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can do more,” said Sister Arnott during a Church News telephone interview. While Afghan officials have expressed the need for more help, LDS members of the group are moving carefully to stay within the Church’s humanitarian service guidelines.
Sister Arnott was involved in the genesis of the original project while serving as Relief Society enrichment leader. Invitations to women from other churches were accepted, and many wards from the Redlands and Yucaipa stakes — along with LDS women from other areas — came together with the Redlands 2nd Ward. Other Church and non-Church organizations pitched in.
Hygiene, newborn and school kits were assembled, wooden toy cars were made for children, quilts were quilted, clothing was sewn and money was raised. On top of that, notes were hand written to those who might receive the assistance.

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