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LDS Preparedness 101: Winter Driving Conditions during Snowy Weather

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Winter Driving Conditions during Snowy Weather
What Do You Know about Winter Driving Conditions?
For winter driving conditions, there are obviously plenty of things to consider. Beside the conditions of the roadways, there are other things to keep in mind when driving in snowy conditions. Winter driving conditions present certain season challenges.

Is Your Tailpipe Open?
One of the concerns related to winter driving conditions is your tailpipe on your car or truck. It must be completely open of any snow or ice. Failure to have an open tailpipe can lead to deadly carbon monoxide levels inside your car. Carbon monoxide is the natural by product of burning any carbon-based fuel sources. Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer”. The reasoning behind this nickname is that it could kill you without you noticing it. It is an odorless poison to the human nose.
Accordingly, it is important to keep your vehicle’s tail pipe clean from any foreign objects. It is very easy for snow or ice to get caught in your tail pipe. If this occurs, it is not a big deal provided that you recognize it and take the necessary steps. You don’t want to start up your car after heavy snowfall or very cold weather without first checking your tailpipe. Winter driving conditions on the road are hazardous, but your vehicle can present a danger even before you leave the driveway.
No Indoor Exhaust
You should never start your car and let it running in your garage no matter how convenient you think it might be. If you park your car in your garage make sure you only start it when you are ready to leave your house. You should also inspect your tail pipe periodically to make sure that it hasn’t been dented at all. Anything that obstructs the flow of exhaust out and away from your car can present a hazard. Hopefully now you realize that along with worrying about winter driving conditions, it is also necessary to worry about certain vehicle safety concerns during the winter months.
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