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LDS Preparedness 101: Will You Be Able To Place an Emergency Call If You Need To?

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Will You Be Able To Place an Emergency Call If You Need To?
Why You May Need a Landline and a Cell Phone to Make an Emergency Call
Dealing with an emergency can be a scary experience no matter how well prepared you are — and it can be downright terrifying if you need to place an emergency call and you aren’t able to. It’s not uncommon to need medical assistance or the services of police or fire personnel in times of disaster, and without a phone you can’t get the help you need. Want to avoid being in an emergency situation without the ability to make an emergency call to 911? Read on…

Cell Phones Were Never Intended To Replace Landlines
The wide availability of cell phones and plans that fit every budget and lifestyle have caused many people to abandon their landline phones. Many people wanting the convenience of having only one phone bill to worry about choose their cell phone over a traditional phone. While that might make your monthly bill paying easier, it is often not the best decision when it comes to handling an emergency.
If you encounter an emergency, you need the peace of mind that you will be able to make an emergency call to 911 should you need to. A working phone is essential for doing that. Cell phones can be unpredictable. Sometimes your service gets interrupted or disconnected in the middle of a conversation and if you can’t get reception, you won’t be able to make a call. Having a land line phone for circumstances in which your cell phone isn’t working can really help.
Landlines Alone Aren’t Good Enough
While cell phones may not be reliable 100-percent of the time, a landline alone isn’t going to ensure the ability to make an emergency call either. Sometimes when an emergency occurs, phone lines can be down. In that case, your cell phone might prove to be a lifesaver.
Having both a cell phone and a landline can be very beneficial, especially when you are faced with an emergency situation. This way, if one isn’t working you can rely on the other as a backup.
Rules to Live By
When you have a cell phone, always make sure it is charged or that you have a spare battery in case of an emergency. Also, make sure that any cordless phones you have are charged also. A cordless phone can be great because it can allow you to attend to a sick or injured person (without having to move them) while you call for help. However, make sure you have an old-fashioned traditional phone somewhere (even if just in a closet or drawer) in case the power is out. If the power goes out, the newer phones on the market won’t work. You’ll need an old-fashioned phone to place an emergency call to 911.
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