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Why You Should Start an Emergency Food Storage?


      U.K., Bangladesh, Philippines, Tonga, Vanuatu etc. are some of the disaster prone countries of the world, and the list is increasing day by day. Earthquakes, volcanoes, flood, tornadoes, typhoons, cyclones and also draught are few to mention.  Volcano prone areas such as the Mediterranean, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii, Mexico etc. generally live in fear and the major reason is food. This is the reason why food storage preparedness should be advocated in any part of the world.

       We get a lot from Mother Nature, but this blessing sometimes proves to be fatal when we get to see the dark side of it in the form of disaster.  The food storage preparedness is one of the ways to fight disaster among many other precautions, since without food, all other preparations lead to a dead end.

      The food provided by the govt. of the country after a disaster is not adequate enough as far as nutrition is concerned. And also we should not forget to mention that they are not wholesome. Hence one has to be prepared for his own part to face any sort of disaster, at least from the food point of view.

      Also, depending upon the nature of the upcoming disaster, one cannot predict the arrival time and nature of the help which will be provided to the needy. So the wise will be self prepared on his own part to face the unstoppable.

     Apart from the natural disasters, there are the man-made ones which pose greater threat to our Earth. We can face nuclear leaks, power plant explosions, transport accidents and structural collapse any day. Even this is unstoppable. There have been a few disasters in the past few years. The union carbide gas leak, dioxin pollution, destruction of the Aral sea, London’s killer fog etc. are a few to name. So there is no harm in being prepared. Is it?!

  1. Hurricane Irene 2011 left us without power for over a week. And, even though we lived in an apartment building, we had plenty. I had started prepping about a year befor and had time to fill the water cubes and bathtub befor she hit. We also had plenty of food stores and fuel for our camping gear and grill on hand. It honestly was amazing! We totally blocked in by downed trees and wires, but everyone in our building got the chance to grow closer because we stuck it out together. On the second day I was making coffee on our back deck and ended up making several pots to share as everyone caught a whiff of it. :) We never thought we would be without power for so long because we lived on a secondary highway in CT, but it CAN happen! Everyone in our building fared well because of our preps. And now maybe thay have an idea about why it’s important for everyone to set aside a little something for a rainy day.
    Ps. The water in the tub is for flushing the lue.

  2. Great insights and thanks for sharing your experience… you really never do know when disaster will strike. Where did this happen exactly?

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