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What Would It Mean To You If The Dollar Suddenly Collapsed?

Dollar Suddenly Collapse

Dollar collapse means the falling of the value of dollar at a fast pace resulting in its sale. The sellers are foreign governments who trade dollar for other currencies, and if the dollar collapses, every government will sell the dollar denomination treasure which will pressurize the value of dollar to zero.

There may be many reasons for this to happen but the most viable reason can be the decline of dollar against the euro. This will triple the U.S. debts resulting in the decline.

This whole thing will cause inflation. This global economic turbulence will rocket the import prices, and investors will race to other commodities. The collapse will be a large event for humans, because it will affect each and every person on earth. The actual and existing currency in the world is dollar. Its collapse will compel other currencies also to collapse hence the effect will be worldwide. There are 5 countries which will be affected the most: Israel, Southern California, England, New York City and Washington D.C.

The U.S. dollar is losing its value each year. China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Chile, South Africa, India, UAE are departing from the dollar. The U.S.has no reserves and now Russia and China are ready to switch their dollars into Euros. This will lead to the poverty of the Anglo Saxons and also the breakdown of society. This will in turn lead to crime and the culmination of law and order. Apart from this the Asian economies will also be affected.

Imagine getting up in the morning and finding yourself in a pile of worthless money. The dollar will collapse the same way as the currency of Argentina had collapsed, but with a greater impact on the civilization. North America will have to pay its debts. We may witness the end of America.

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  1. Hi that’s a scary thing that could happen if the dollar disappear what would happen to our money that’s what I wonder if they changed the currency to something else say you have about 50,000 in Us money I would think the value would be less what you think.

    thank for the story very interesting

    Joseph Kvarnstrom

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