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What Would a Family Need to Handle a True Disaster being Prepared for the Worst?

What Would a Family Need to Handle a True Disaster being Prepared for the Worst?

A. money: Having money in reserve is always a good thing. Keep some cash along with proof of finance in a safe either at home or in a bank. Get an official bank statement from your bank every six months or keep a current electronic financial proof in hand. The cash is to carry you over until the bank system is back and at least partially running. The financial proof is to prove what you had in case the bank’s database fails to do so.

B. plan for reunion if needed: family might not be together when emergencies happen. A plan to get back together is essential.

C. First aid and other emergency supplies

D. Food storage: It is recommended to have one-year food storage for each person in the household. If one-year food storage is not possible, three-month supply and/or 72-hour emergency kits are suggested.

Room for storage and financial reservations have been the biggest hold-backs for people, especially young people. I have come up with some ideas that might help:

  1. Financial reservations: I found a website with a food storage calendar of $5 per week to prepare one year food storage for two people. Anyone could spare 5 dollars a week. Better yet, if you are single and live alone, you would only need to spend 2.5 dollars. Personalization is also a key to food storage, that is, to substitute less-used items on the food storage list with frequent-used items to you. The shortest path to personalization is to looking through some food storage recipes, decide what is within your preference, and reorganize your food storage accordingly. Here is a sample link to the food storage recipes.
  2. Room for storage: having lived in a 500 square-foot apartment before, I know the feeling. The first step to overcome this problem is to change your mind set. Remember how people reacted to the Prophet Noah about the flood and also to the Prophet Lehi about the destruction of Jerusalem? Yes, we can live without a coffee table, night stands, …etc. After all, food would get you further than the furniture would. The second step would be to go for a 72-hour kit or 3-month food storage if a year supply is absolutely out of the picture no matter how you change your mind set. However, ask a nearby family, friend, or relative to allow you to keep your one-year supply with them. Hopefully, after the unthinkable happens, the supply you have with you would keep you alive until you can get to your long-term supply.

We tend to have the mind set of an ostrich. Therefore, whenever the desire to put our heads in the sand surfaces, just think of New Orleans.

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