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What to Include in a Preparedness Hygiene Kit


The tendency of most people who are preppers is to focus on food and forget other basic necessities. Although food is important for staying well and alive, hygiene is also important if a person intends to feel comfortable during the time when they have been affected by natural disaster or man made one. There as part of any emergency preparedness strategy, preparedness hygiene kits should be included.

All Mormons are advised to have a 72 hour kit that is packed full with everything they may ever need for the first few hours when they are involved in an emergency situation. Items that should be put in an emergency kit include food, personal documents, fuel or light personal supplies and some necessary equipment. Of these items, the hygiene kit will fall mainly under personal supplies.

The hygiene kit should include mini sanitizers, first aid items, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, medications and many other items. A hygiene kit can be bought or can be put together by the user. Most often people will spend time making up their kit depending on their personal circumstances. While this is good, some essential items may be left out. It is therefore important to have a checklist against which all the items to go into the kit can be checked.

 For those who are lost for how to go about making up their hygiene kits, the LDS emergency resources have a lot of information that will help anyone wanting to make up their 72 hours kit. There are probably more things that could be included into the hygiene kit and this could be influenced by the person that is going to be using it. If needles or other sharp objects are included, effective disposition should be taken to ensure that they’ll be properly sanitized before use.

The need for a hygiene kit may not be immediately obvious but usually after a disaster, there are many people who’ll need immediate first aid that may not be readily available. Having a hygiene kit handy can help save a life.

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