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What Should be Included In Your Emergency Kit?

What Should be Included In Your Emergency Kit

Being prepared is what wise people prefer to avoid any serious mishap due to negligence and inadequacy. Being prepared here means being well equipped with the proper source. In an emergency, the first aid kit is the call of the hour. The first thing to keep in mind is to get an easy to carry kit bag which can be kept at home, in office or in your car.

Now your emergency kit should be both first aid as well as a disaster kit. You just need to assemble it well before the tragedy occurs, because local officers also will not be able to reach out to one and all at an emergency. It has to be kept in mind that basic services like electricity, water, telephone will not be available then, and that is the time when your emergency kit will be your soul mate.

A good emergency kit should include these primary stuffs:

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. First aid kit: This will include dressings, bandages, ointments and wipes packets, cold compressing pills, gauze pads, scissors, antiseptics, anti allergic drugs, etc.
  4. Necessary prescriptions

Then there are other secondary items which include:

  1. Pocket knife
  2. Torch
  3. Matches
  4. Blankets
  5. Rain ponchos
  6. Sleeping bags
  7. Supplies for pets
  8. Extra cash( 7-8 days’ supply)
  9. plastic bags
  10. soap
  11. Cotton balls
  12. candles

Remember any such emergency can last for days and weeks, so be prepared well before hand. Children should be informed well before hand and they should know where you keep your kit. It should be within their reach and not much heavy.

There are a few precautionary measures which have to be taken after the kit has been made like checking the kit regularly and preparing the children for emergencies. So prepare a kit which is highly customized to you personally and be ready for any emergency.

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