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What Makes the Best Squeezed LED Flashlight?

Squeeze LED flashlights do not run on batteries, that means it is ‘self powered’ or in other words, ‘human powered’. Apart from being perfect for home, camping trips, car etc., it is great equipment for an emergency.

The body contains a squeeze handle which spins and generates electricity which charges the battery very quickly and produces light. These flashlights are water resistant and very easy to operate as well as to carry.

There are certain things which differentiate a normal flashlight to a good LED squeeze flashlight. The body and the head contain a silvered plastic reflector with a plastic lens which is for protection.

The white light which is produced has a slight bluish hint which provides a good view in the dark. One of the best squeeze flashlights will require only a few squeezes unlike others which make you feel like bodybuilding or pounding flour!! The other thing which has to be taken care of is full and instant power on and off at any moment.

Flashlights which have a good brightness control are considered better than any other. There should be four beacons- slow, medium, fast and SOS. Also the run time differs from brand to brand, which has to be taken care of while purchasing. A good squeeze LED flashlight will give you 18 hours of lasting service. The other factor is a replaceable battery which is not provided in all flashlights.

Now, since this is an emergency flashlight, its features should be such that no problem should occur while using it in an emergency. For example, it should contain buttons which glow in the dark. It should have a key ring attached to it which can be quickly released. Apart from all this it should have a tough body such that it can bear any trauma posed by its user! And of course, it should be guaranteed!

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