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What Is The LDS Preparedness Fair?

LDS Preparedness Fair

LDS Preparedness is a sort of disaster preparedness information which tells you how to react and face certain anomalies of nature. In this fair, people will present themselves as to how to face disaster when it arrives out of the blue. Here people are taught that everyone can do something to get prepared, such that when the time comes, the plans are put into action.

Food storage (short term), financial preparedness, canned food, financial preparedness, solar cooking, generators and power inverters, are a few to mention. The fair features lots of demonstrations and everything which a family needs to plan for an emergency. In this manner people will, communicate to each other and be self prepared. Children are also encouraged in this process since there are musical performances which delight one and all. It is essential for children to learn what their parents have already learnt in the past! Making this fair a fun place will attract children and they will learn more about tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, which is certainly better than watching cartoons after coming home after school!

There are various equipments such as Ham radios which looks like a stylish walkie-talkie and they are of great use at the time of an emergency. The 2013 LDS preparedness fair was on 11th May 2013 at the Houston North and Spring Stakes where sprouting, fermenting of food, water storage, filtration, gardening, and freezing and canning were the topics discussed. There was another on 4th May 2013 at Anderson County Emergency Preparedness Fair hosted by the city of Clinton. Here they had Red Cross, The Grain Loft, Emergency Management, Shelf Reliance etc. There are all sorts of fun booths, indoor as well as outdoors. They prepare sample food out in the open without electricity or ovens! Hence this emergency food tastes great! So one can be better prepared for the hurricane season and other hardships of life!

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