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What is Self Reliance Food Storage?


The great thing about the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saints is that it teaches its members about the harsh realities of life and how to manage them. So when you become a member of the church, you are sure to hear lectures of self reliance food storage and LDS emergency resources. While to some this may seem like preparation for doomsday, it is only fair to say that no one can ascertain what can happen in the next minute. Therefore it is better to be prepared for something and it never happens than not to be and it happens.

The essence LDs food storage is not only to wait for events like floods or hurricanes. The world economic situation is continually changing and people are losing their jobs on a daily basis. For most people, if they lost their job today, they’ll not be able to survive the next one month. That is why Mormons teach their members to prepare for the rainy day. Since one can’t tell what the next minute would look like, it is better to be prepared for anything. A Mormon is encouraged to store basic food necessities for long terms. Such foods include rice, flour, sugar, milk and other basic necessities. This is what shelf reliance is all about. A person can rely on what they find in their food cupboard when the need arises. By having basic necessities, church members are encouraged to plan for long term thereby encouraging them to buy in bulk and by so doing spending less.

 It is important to note that an important part of Mormon teaching is how to stay out of debt. They are thought to cut down living cost so that they can afford other luxuries. All this aspect about food storage are thought to most Mormons and whether or not you are a Mormon, there are great lessons to be learnt from this. The world would definitely be a better place if people could all learn to live within their means.

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