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What is a Mormon Disaster Response Plan?


As part of the LDS preparedness strategy, all members are encouraged to have and emergency response plan to help them in times of disasters and similar situations. The disaster response plan is a document that serves as a guide to help Mormons know what to do in specific events. The plan which details the type of emergencies and how to prepare for them is used by most Mormons and possible non Mormons today.

As part of a Mormon disaster response, a plan should be handy that details out what happens before during and after a disaster. There is a general guide that the different stakes and ward can use to come up with a response plan that fits their community. It is often advised that this plan is not contrary to any plans that may have been made by the community as a whole. That is why it is always necessary to include any plans made by the local city councils into any emergency response plans.

As the disaster response plan is a part of the LDS emergency resources that every Mormon should have handy and follow to avoid distressful situations. The plan details what happens in the case of an emergency and who is responsible for what. It is actually drawn to take care of wards which are the different Mormon communities within an area. It details the communication methods to be used and the different gathering grounds for all members. The plan also details the key personnel responsible for certain offices during a crisis.

Members are generally advised to take active participation in preparing a response plan. Usually after a disaster, LDS relief efforts would have to sit in and all this should be included in the plan to avoid any bottlenecks down the line. It is hoped that when the members take active participation in preparing the plan, they’ll be in a better position to identify the specific needs that should be captured in the plan. Obviously, certain areas are more at risk of certain disasters than others.

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