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What is a Molly Mormon?


Who is a “Molly Mormon”?  A Molly Mormon is actually regarded as the perfect female member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who is attractive and chaste.  Many Molly Mormons are regarded as the stereotypical “goody two shoes”, whose lives are focused solely on the business of the church, the family and marriage and the social demands of Mormonism, such as  bearing many children.  She is the embodiment of the sunny, upbeat and domesticated female in Latter-day Saint culture. This term also has both negative and positive connotations, depending on who is using it. Within the LDS community the term is particularly associated with teens who display overly prudish behavior as well as older women who still maintain strict adherence to the rules of modesty.

For many, perfection like a Molly Mormon is hard to achieve as no one is that perfect.  The perfect Molly Mormon clothing is however possible as these are items that allow members of the LDS church to remain compliant in their dress codes.

Molly Mormon is also associated with a line of clothing and gift items offered for sale. In fact, there are a few stores that offer Molly Mormon clothing and gifts that seek to maintain modesty and the messages that are associated with various themes of the LDS life. These Molly Mormon clothing is just what the LDS member would need to find their Molly Mormon shirts as well as Molly Mormon tee shirts. These are available in various sizes, tasteful and cute styles, and each bearing a message.  Some of the Molly Mormon tee shirts are also plain.  Persons wishing to purchase Molly Mormon clothing also have the option to design their own style of prints to be placed on their purchases.

Molly Mormon shirts come in both the male and female styles and can be had in organic cotton, various colors and styles. Molly Mormon tee shirts are simple, yet comfortable and emphasize modesty as they do not reveal cleavage.  The entire family can find what they need among the offerings of stores that carry the Molly Mormon line.

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