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What do Missionaries Do?


You may see them in twos, riding their bikes, smartly dressed, the males in their distinctive white shirts and dark trousers, their name tags telling who they are.  These are LDS Missionaries. Most are young men and women around 20 years old, though they may include older married couples.  At their own expense LDS missionaries devote themselves to studying, meeting people and teaching about Jesus Christ and His restored Church.  There are more than 50,000 LDS missionaries serving in over 300 missions worldwide.

 For two years, these young LDS missionaries voluntarily put aside school, dating, and work to serve in missions in other countries. During this time, their communication with family is limited to letters or email and occasional phone calls.  Missionary service usually begins at a Missionary Training Center where the new LDS Missionaries are instructed to teach everywhere, and to everyone desirous of hearing the message.

 LDS missionaries share the Gospel door-to-door, often meeting in homes or if preferred by the person being met, in one of the LDS chapels or some other public place.  A typical visit lasts about 45 minutes during which basic beliefs on faith, obedience to God’s commandments, and repentance are introduced and any other questions about the church or religion or life in general are discussed.   Proselyting missionaries use every opportunity to teach, while other missionaries serve the community and do not seek to convert persons. LDS missionaries also serve fellow Mormons in their congregations, teach lessons in church services, participate in local service projects, and help those with special needs.

 LDS missionaries have received tremendous support from their Missionary Moms who help to prepare them for their missions in the field.  These missionary moms are geographically grouped to make it easier for new moms joining the group to receive specific information about how to prepare their sons and daughters for the climate of these new mission areas.

Missionary mom t-shirts of various sizes and styles, each with a message are available for sale.  So too are LDS missionary shirts and other LDS missionary clothes, all in support of these young brave missionaries.

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