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LDS Preparedness 101: What’s On the Emergency Radio?

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What’s On the Emergency Radio?
What an emergency radio is, the features they have and where to buy one.
If you find yourself in the midst of a catastrophe you would come to quickly realize the value of owning an emergency radio. If you don’t have one, it could be a life threatening error that could leave you out of the loop in regards to important information.

What is an Emergency Radio
An emergency radio is a specialized piece of communication equipment that is sometimes referred to as a weather radio. With an emergency radio you are able to listen to all of the standard AM and FM channels but more importantly you also have the ability to tune in on Short Wave channels as well.
In case you didn’t know, short wave channels broadcast news and informational shows from around the world. They also cover the frequencies that are used by HAM radio operators. All this information can clue you in to important information that AM and FM channels couldn’t begin to cover.
What Features are Available
Emergency radios have come a long way in recent years. It used to be the only thing they did was receive stations, but all of that has changed. Today emergency radios are miniature survival devices that do much more than receive radio transmissions. Now-a-days these radios come equipped with several additional options that make them a key piece of survival equipment.
Emergency radios often include features such as self powering mechanisms that may use solar, battery, crank or motion. They may additionally provide integrated useful items such as flashlights, compasses and emergency siren sounds making these items a vital and compact piece of emergency equipment.
Where can you find one?
Emergency radios used to be a specialty item, but things have changed. Finding an emergency radio has never been easier. Today you can buy them off the internet or you can go to your local electronics store to purchase one. Emergency radios are literally everywhere and there are deals to be had.

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