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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 9 of 9. Inquiry and Response

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Audience Question

You can’t get them anymore. I have checked for the last group. This is awesome. Helen had (inaudible) and you guys are all going to… That’s why I am going to say it because you can’t get them to stop making them. So, it’s just going to make everybody sad. Way to go, (inaudible). Yeah, really sad.

There are other things – technology has given us the most awesome things for our food storage. Most of you who really, really hate powdered milk – I just hate powdered milk – this is so cool; it’s (inaudible) milk. You can get whole milk 2%. My favorite is this low-fat vanilla soy milk; it’s so yummy and it will sit on your shelf for at least a year and it depends – you want to rotate it every year, that’s fine but this is great. Now, once you open it, it needs refrigeration and somebody said to me “Well, if you don’t have any refrigeration, you open up the milk, what are you going to do of the rest of it?” – I am going to make chocolate chip cookies and I am just going to have a huge party; just eat the cookies and drink the milk. How bad can that be? Somebody said “If you have no refrigeration, you live in Arizona” – because I do a lot of Arizona classes – and he said “when the refrigeration goes out, there is no cooling, what about all those chocolates?” and I said “Come on, you eat the chocolate first. It’s easy.”

Here is a lot of products that is just really great – it’s cheese in a can – and as far as I have been told, I don’t want the shelf life – if they have to get to the shelf life but…

Pardon me?

Audience speaks

25 years? See, they told me 5 years but somebody else said ‘indefinitely’. They send a lot of these to the third world countries that don’t have refrigeration; it just sits on their shelf. And this is a pretty good cheese. It’s supposed to be a chilled cheese but it’s almost like a little velveeta cheddar mix but it is a hard cheese, it will shred, you can slice it, you can melt it and if you are really going to have cheese in your food storage, this is a great way to do it.

This is butter; it’s canned butter. In the book it’s going to tell you where to buy it and it’s not especially cheap but if you are baby boomers like I am, we are old enough to say “I could have (inaudible). I am having butter in my food storage” and this has a very long shelf life too. Do you know what butter…?

Pardon me?

Audience speaks

I am so sorry! Look how easy this is. Here is the handle, grab it by the handle and run for it.

Audience speaks

Yes ma’am?

Audience speaks

No. I (inaudible). (Inaudible) kinds of ways to do all kinds of things. I am only telling you things that I know are safe because that’s what I need to do. I know this is safe – it’s canned and it’s done commercially. I know how to make butter myself but I am buying butter in the can because I know it’s going to last and I am not taking a chance if it’s going to go rancid. I am just going to stay safe with these. But the technology is there for us to have so many wonderful things in our food storage. It’s a great time.

I think I have covered everything that I need to. This is great – without asking questions, I made it look (inaudible) like a half hour of this class. Hold on. Some questions.

Audience speaks

Macy’s, alright. I know it’s about 6 dollars a pound for the cheese, is that right? Macy’s is apparently carrying the canned butter and the canned cheese and I know where I bought it, it was and that’s in your little booklet; it was about 6 dollars a pound for one of these, I am not sure which. This is something you are going to buy – if you have 12 children, you really are going to have to have things that are reasonable.

The point here with this class is there are so many things that you can have in your food storage. It’s a very simple process. It’s not the elephant anymore. We are not looking at one bite at a time. We are looking at 14 cards and you simply do the math and you buy exactly what you need and you choose what you want in your food storage. We are not looking at root and beans and powdered milk anymore. We are looking at real food and we are looking at a system that you can do. This is a simple process and you can have real food in your food storage.

In the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family are wandering in the wilderness and Nephi (inaudible) his bow and in the scriptures it says that Lehi, his father, this upset him quite a bit and if you look at the actual quote it says that he murmured against God – he didn’t just murmur, it says he murmured against God. This was a prophet, brothers and sisters. He had had visions and dreams and had seen angels but when he got hungry, he murmured against God. He lost his spiritual salvation until he got fed again. This is not just a physical commandment or counsel; it’s spiritual and our physical and spiritual lives are at stake. Do not let this be something as simple as food storage that can literally take away your spiritual and physical lives and, more importantly, that of your children.

I testify to you, brothers and sisters, once you get your food storage and until you get your food storage, you will not have any peace. You came tonight and I know you didn’t have your food storage. Those of you who did, I am singing to the choir and pray for you; but those who don’t have it, you know why you came? – Because you know you should have it. You want to have it. You just are so frustrated thinking “This is overwhelming. I don’t know even where to start. What do I buy? Where do I start? How do I cook it?” It is overwhelming and this is brings it down to 14 little cards and a master shopping list. It makes it so that you can do this.

I pray that Heavenly Father would bless you to bless your husbands or your children that they will support you and that you will find a way to make this happen in your life that you can be obedient to what the Lord has been telling us for 75 years; and once again, thank you (inaudible) and I say this in the name of Jesus Christ.



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