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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 2 of 9. The System

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Alright, the system I am going to show and the little booklet that you have got has everything in it that I am going to talk about. So, put down the pencils and pens and just enjoy the show because everything is in the booklet.

The system is not right or wrong, it’s not good or bad. This is my disclaimer: I do not represent the church. I don’t represent any organization whatsoever. This is just the way Wendy Dewitt does her food storage. So, if you don’t like it please don’t e-mail me and tell me I am bad or this is whatever. I am just telling you how I do food storage and that’s my disclaimer. Husbands, please don’t get nervous. I don’t sell anything. I will never make a penny. I don’t charge for the book; I think it’s just printing that you have paid for. Everything I do is volunteer; I do not make a penny of this.

Now, I can’t promise you when the class is over that your wife’s not going to just bug you to buy all the stuff; that’s not my problem. I am not going to sell it to you. I won’t sell it but they may want to have it. So, I apologize ahead of time for that.

The booklet is copyrighted but I did that so that I would have the right to tell you that you can make all the copies you want. One lady said “Can I translate this in Spanish?” and I said “Wow! Can you? I want one.” Do anything you want with it. You can throw it away as far as I am concerned but you may copy it and send it to your neighbors, do anything you want. I am thrilled to death to have you send it off to whomever you want. So, please don’t hesitate to put it on a website or whatever.

Speaking of websites, on the top of the book it’s got everything under the sun, You are welcome to go on there and ask questions and you can also download this booklet. If there aren’t enough booklets or if you have neighbors that want one, they can go to that website and download it and print it out and it’s exactly the same book. So, the information is all there. If they didn’t get to come to the class, everything is there.

Alright, I think we can get started.


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