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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Tutorial Part 1 of 9. 10 Top Reasons

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So, if your plan is to (inaudible), that’s a really bad plan.

9. I paid tithing for 25 years so church can give me a little food. There are members of the church who truly believe in their hearts that when the bad times come, the church is going to come through like Joseph in Egypt and they are going to bring food to everyone and save us all. – Absolutely not true. All (inaudible) houses, all the store houses, all of the silos that the church has would feed 4% of the members of the church – not the nation but the members of the church. Now, I live in Arizona, so I do not plan to be part of that 4%. Maybe some of you have the connections and you might be but I am not planning on it. So, here is another – if you are planning on eating someone else’s food, the church is not going to be doing that.

8. I am going to move in with my parents or my children, really. All by itself, that’s a really bad plan, point being you are planning on eating someone else’s food and you are planning on going somewhere. To give you half a dozen scenarios that would prevent you from banding together, I always hear his “Well, when bad times come, we are going to band together at the steak center and we are going to share our food” which won’t work because nobody has food “and that we will all help each other”. There are so many scenarios that would prevent you from banding together – epidemics, pandemics, all kinds of things that would require isolation, not banding together. So, what you have in your home is all there is going to be. You need to be prepared in your own homes.

Can you hear me back there? Is everything…you can all here?

I can do that.

Is that better? Is that better? I can talk (inaudible). I love this one.

7. I (inaudible) year’s supply and the foods to go with it. That was my son-in-law; he likes that one. Generally, it’s the kind gentleman that will come up and say “I just don’t get it, it doesn’t make sense to me to go through all the effort and money to get a year’s supply and then have some guy with a gun come and threaten my family or even kill my family to get that food” and I respond back and I say “Are you afraid of the guy with the gun or are you more afraid of becoming the guy with the gun?” Brothers and sisters, what would you do if you were watching your children starve to death? – You would lie, you would cheat, you would steal and I promise you, you will become the guy with the gun. Your spiritual salvation will depend on whether or not you had your food storage. This is not just a physical law, it’s a spiritual law. I promise you there is nothing you would not do to save your child’s life. Don’t let it happen. Alright, everything up till now has involved eating somebody else’s food. That’s just not nice, guys. You are planning on eating someone else’s food. The government is not storing food, your neighbors are not storing food for your family, and the church is not storing food for your family. They are asking you to store food. It behooves all of us to follow the counsel. Get your own food and I should say “get your own food” – that sounded better.

6. Alright, the (inaudible) is taking up all my storage space.

5. (Inaudible) letter – Y2K. Okay, that’s two letters and a number but the point is you think it’s not going to happen – “No, it’s not going to happen. Remember Y2k? Nothing happened. My husband got every toy in the world. He got generators and gun and all kinds of (inaudible) stuff. He loved Y2K but nothing happened. Every prophecy that’s ever been given is going to be fulfilled; we just don’t know when. It’s better to be prepared and have it not happen then have it happen and not be prepared.

4. The government is going to rush in and save us all if anything happens. I (inaudible) you laugh. I don’t have to say (inaudible), do I?

3. I can’t afford scrapbooking and food storage. The (inaudible) that our women get a – we live in the richest society in the history of the earth. The standard of living that we have is amazing and even if you think you are poor, you are wealthy compared to most of the world. It’s a matter of priorities. You have to make food storage important. You have got to want to get it and then you will. When I asked how many of you had a cell phone, I did it so you would turn them off but I also wanted to show you that everybody here has a cell phone but not everybody here has food storage. A normal food storage with the system that I am going to show you can cost as little as a dollar a day per person. You are spending a dollar a day on your cell phone. Please, don’t let your cell phone be more important than your family’s temporal salvation.

2. I am waiting for the (inaudible) to sell Papa John’s dehydrated pizza. I really am. It’s going to happen. Things are moving along, I think it will happen. We have a stigma with food storage and we think if it isn’t involving wheat and beans and powdered milk that it’s not food storage and I am going to show you tonight that you can think outside the box and the set little of the little booklet that you had is Putting The Food You Love Into Your Food Storage – chocolates, nuts, raisins, sweet and sour chicken, taco pies or tomato pie, Chicken Creole, Sheppard’s Pie. All kinds of food that you would never think could be in your food storage can be in your food storage. You are going to get excited. You are going to think “Wow! I am going to eat better in the bad times than I do now.” So, it’s just a matter of your imagination and your pocketbook are about the only thing that’s going to keep you from going all out.

1. And the #1 reason why I don’t have a year’s supply of food. A year? I thought it was 72 hours. I remember as a girl that they wanted us to get a two-year supply and then it was a one-year supply and now they are saying “just keep three months. Get three months of food, the things that you normally eat and then get some basics.” And a lot of people think if they have got a 72-hour kit, they are good. We need to be obedient. Obedience is why we are here – to learn obedience – and whether you ever eat this food or not, you have been obedient and by obeying, you are going to teach your children that this is important and they will teach their children and at some point you will have saved your family’s temporal and spiritual life by teaching them this is important.


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