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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Seminar Part 6 of 9. Canning Meat Pressure


Alright, we have got the next thing, it’s this interesting looking – how many of you know what this is? Oh, good portion of you!

How many of you did ever have canned meats? Yes! I love it; I love it because now I am going to have people going “Yeah, yeah!” You know what I am saying – “It’s really good, isn’t it?” – “Yeah.” “It’s easy to do.” – “Yeah.” So, it’s the people that have never done it that are looking at you like “Ooh!” If you have ever canned fruits or vegetables, you know how much work that is, how much preparation it takes and how much you hate it. You are going to love canning meats. This is an amazing experience. The first time people do it, when it’s all done and they are looking at all these jars of chicken and beef and they are just smiling going “Oh my gosh! That was so easy!”

You can buy beef, chicken, turkey, ham, fish; I have had moose, seriously. (Inaudible)’s mother is my sister; in fact, I would love to give her credit right now. She has been my inspiration in more than just food storage. She is someone that showed me most of the things that I do in my food storage class. I learn from my sister Phyllis Henderson and it’s just amazing. I just love her and all her experience and her inspiration. That’s why I had moose; brought that up.

What do you do? Here is the process:
You have gotten your jars and you want to make sure that – you know, all of this is in the book; I am not going to spend a lot of time on this. I am just going to give you the overall.

You take a jar, you take raw meat – I know it sounds really gross – but if you want to you can cook the meat; your instruction book will say you can do the raw pack or you can cook it. I love the raw pack. I think the raw pack has a better texture because it hasn’t been cooked twice. So, I will take the raw chicken. I like the boneless chicken – boneless skinless breast – and I will put them in one pint jar for the whole one pound of meat. You put the raw meat in the jar, you put a little bit of salt – one-fourth to half teaspoon of salt – and you boil all your lids and put the lid on, put it in your canner; the instructions are there on how to pressure the whole thing but you got a bottle, meat, all goes in the can, you cook it, you take it out, you wipe it off, take the (inaudible) off and you put it in your food storage.

It is so easy I wanted to do a test one day and I bottled 150 pounds of chicken in 12 hours. That was half my entire food storage in one day. Now, I had three canners (inaudible), I confess. It was crazy and I didn’t answer the phone and my husband came and he is going “What is this?” but it was so awesome to think “I canned 150 pounds of chicken in 12 hours.” You could easily do 50 pounds of chicken in a day or any other kind of meet. The process is very simple. In the book, it’s going to give you details on how to do this, this little booklet and if you want the canners, looking in the canners, it’s going to give you more details; but basically, I like to buy – you could buy a new one, this one’s going to cost about 200 dollars. You can buy a used one. I have bought five used canners on the internet, on eBay. I have a canner that’s over 75 years old and it still works. So, this is a great investment. You could hand it down to your grand children. They won’t know what to do with it but you could hand it down.

This is a 100-year-old process. People have been doing this for 100 years and you have to be careful, you have to be safe, there are safety precautions but this is a fabulous way for you to have real meat in your food storage. This is how I can have in my food storage – shepherd’s pie and taco soup and sweet and sour chicken, chicken creole, alfredo chicken – just innumerable meals and it’s because I can bottle the meat and I know it doesn’t look great, I know one lady looked at it and she said “Looks like a science experiment” and I went take her book away…(inaudible). The biggest problem you are going to have with your meat is keeping it in your food storage. You are going to want to use this. You open this stuff; it’s fully cooked and ready to eat, juicy and tender, absolutely delicious. You can’t buy canned meat that tastes this good as your bottled meat because it’s just so good. Open that stuff, you have instant chicken enchiladas, instant chicken salad sandwiches, you open the beef and you pour some barbeque sauce on it – instant barbecue beef sandwiches. Just an innumerable amount of meals just like that, you can have dinner in 15 minutes. So, your biggest problem is keeping it in your food storage.

We were talking about used canners. If you buy it new, great. If you buy a used canner, here is the precaution – you have to be sure you have your pressure gauge tested. That’s very, very important because the pressure that you cook your meat up keeps it safe. Where I live in a desert, it’s 10 pounds of pressure. What is it here? 13? 1-5?

She says 1-5, I am going to believe her – 15 pounds of pressure. Depends on your altitude. It needs to be at correct pressure. So, if you are going to buy used one, either have it checked at your local extension center or buy a new one, that’s even better because they are only about 20 dollars and that way you know that it’s going to be safe. You have to be safe in this. Do everything according to the directions and you should be alright.

The shelf life on meat – 2-3 years. I would suggest, if you talk about rotation on meat, rotating meat using two bottles…

Okay, I talked to so many people tonight. Rotation – how I do rotation? I do my whole year’s supply and I will take 50 pounds and put it in my kitchen pantry. If I use two bottles of meat a week which is really easy to do, I will have used those 50 pints – a quart is 2 pounds and a pint is one pound. So, if you have a big family, you are going to want to do quarts but the normal family, one pound of meat is usually enough; but if you use 50 pints in about six months, those 50 pints will be gone and you will can another 50 pints, put it in your food storage and take out another 50 pints, put it in your food storage and in three years, you will have rotated your entire stock. If you want to do over a two-year periods, you will use three bottles a week. So, the rotation is very simple and you are going to love to do that because it keeps your meat rotated in a nice timely manner where the nutrition quantity is high and you are going to want to use it.

Alright, there are a lot of things that I could talk about canners and what not but I am going to let you read it in the book because it’s all in the booklet and just to say, this is what makes your food storage real food. You are going to sit down to real sweet and sour chicken – mix up battered rice and I cook shredded chicken over that and I put pineapple chunks and slivered almonds and (inaudible) and you then you pour this wonderful sweet and sour sauce over the top of it. That’s food storage. This is (inaudible) the food you love into your food storage and this is the way you can do it.

If you have had (inaudible) – Yeah, you have had it, I don’t have to say anything else, do I?



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