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Wendy Dewitt — Food Storage Seminar Part 4 of 9

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The Equivalency page. In the booklet, it’s the next to the last page, page 16 I believe.

This is a really awesome page that is going to make it easy for you to go shopping. The booklet has lots and lots of recipes and I put them in there not because I am this great cook – trust me, I am not – but when I went to cook in my solar oven, I can’t find cook books looking for normal cooking things – “how do you make bread and how do you do this”. It was always kind of exotic things and I ended up having to pretty much do my own recipes. I have put those recipes in the book so that you can see 1) the wide variety of things that you can put in your food storage, meals you would never think of and 2) how to cook them in a solar oven because it tweaked just a little bit, it’s a little different cooking than solar oven. So, that’s why I put the recipes in.

The Equivalency page is going to make it easy for you to take from your master list – when you have 800 teaspoons of salt on your master list, you can go to the equivalency page and it’s going to tell you there are 117 tea spoons in that little 26-ounce container of salt, the kind we (inaudible), you are going to say “Oh, I need 7 containers of salt.” It sounds like a this huge amount but it brings it down to what you are actually buying at store. If you need a 120 tablespoons of baking powder, you look on the equivalency list and it says there are 32 tablespoons in a pound, you need 4 pounds of baking powder. So, the tablespoons, the teaspoons, the cups turn into what you actually buy in the store.

So, that’s your equivalency page.


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