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LDS Preparedness 101: Weeding Through Disaster Supplies

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Weeding Through Disaster Supplies
Which disaster supplies you need and which ones you can live without.
When it comes to disaster supplies there can be literally thousands upon thousands of options to choose from. From gas masks to matches we are assaulted with options and ideas, and weeding through them can be an immense task.
I’m Ryan Edgerton and I’m here toto help you through this process with a few pieces of advice.

What to Get
Some of the best and most practical disaster supplies are items that we are all familiar with. A good basic list would include items such as flashlights, batteries, dry goods, candles, matches and of course water, although adding some of the following items can further enhance your disaster supplies list. These would consist of changes of clothing, blankets, family pictures (for easier identification) and first aid supplies. As you can see all of these items are readily available to nearly all of us.
What Not to Get
While there are many practical items that you should try to add to your disaster supplies list, there are even more that you can certainly get by without ever needing them. Some of the top items on this list would encompass things such as gas masks, guns and hazmat apparel.
These items and their similar counterparts can be skipped in most cases. The reason for this is that the chances that you will find need for these particular items in your lifetime are slim to none. Not only that but the prices that are attached to such specialty items truly cannot be justified by a “what if” scenario.
One other thing to keep in mind about these items is that if you really did find need for them they will only be as effective as the user’s knowledge of them. So unless you plan on drilling and practicing the use of such items the need for them for the common consumer in their disaster supplies is slight at best.
One Last Thing
Now that we have addressed the what to get and what not to get when getting disaster supplies it is easy to see that using just a little common sense will allow you to acquire the items you really need and it will steer you clear of the items that will just end up wasting your money.

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