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LIMA Peru — Even as Church-sponsored aid was being distributed to Peruvian earthquake victims Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve assured members in this South American nation that they would be remembered long after those initial humanitarian supplies were exhausted.
Photo by Jason SwensenRichard Long far right from the Churchs welfare department gives a report of the Church humanitarian shipment to Elder Rusell M. Nelson. Joining them are from left Sister Zulma Gonzalez Elder Walter F. Gonzalez Sister Wendy Watson Nelson and Miguel Tenorio.
We will be there to help Elder Nelson told an audience of Church members gathered at the South America West Area offices on Aug. 24. The apostle added that Church leaders and members worldwide were praying for the people of Peru.
A day earlier Elder Nelson presided over a priesthood leadership meeting in Lima at the same time a Church-sponsored cargo plane filled with 80 tons of food and humanitarian provisions was landing near quake-weary Pisco to the south. That 747s precious payload will assist many in the coming days. But this is only the beginning of the help that will be needed.
Peruvian members can know that the Church and its members will be with them said Elder Nelson.
Ongoing assistance is provided not because the Church has endless resources he explained. Instead aid will continue because the hearts of the members want to help. They will contribute money and go without food in order to make things available for the people of Peru.
Elder Nelson spoke of the Churchs continuing assistance in other places of the world that experienced natural catastrophes. For example the Church continues to help rebuild homes schools and mosques in Indonesia years after that nation experienced a deadly tsunami in 2004.
The Church leader spoke of the importance of preparing for the things that matter most. Focus on the needs of today — but remember the essential matters of eternity.
We must really be prepared to meet our Heavenly Father — and if we are prepared it doesnt matter if we work on this side or the other side of the veil. What matters is that one is serving God Elder Nelson said.
South America West Area President Walter F. Gonzalez of the Seventy called Elder Nelsons visit a time for gratitude. He spoke of the ongoing coordinated effort to assist those in need in Peru. The help continues he added.
The eyes of many in Peru are going to be turned to the light of Christ added Elder Gonzalezs first counselor Elder Marcus B. Nash of the Seventy. Amazing things are going to happen in the lives of many people he said.
Elder Alexander A. Nunez an Area Seventy and second counselor in the area presidency expressed his thanks for the ongoing work and generosity of Church members in Peru and across the globe.
Accompanying Elder Nelson on his assignment was his wife Sister Wendy Watson Nelson.
Sister Nelson commented on the wonderful spirit felt among the Peruvian members many of whom had come to the meeting fasting. Miracles are the product of fasting and prayers. One of the greatest miracles that may occur in Peru is an increase in faith she said.
As you listen to the Lord petition Him for what you need to do Sister Nelson said. He will answer your prayers.
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