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We are Prepared!

We are Prepared!

That’s a pretty bold statement.  To understand that this is also a true statement, you will have to realize that the area I live in and that to the Stake President that we have, who is a long time scouter, preparation is not only part of the scout motto but our everyday lives.

A few years ago, information came from our stake that we were to be emergency/disaster prepared. Each ward was to be broken into blocks and a block captain chosen and then preparations made to be prepared in case of emergency.

Our call to “block captainhood” came after a few others fell through with their duties. I guess when a mock disaster happens and even when the block captains don’t respond, there is an issue. We gladly accepted and were looking forward to learning our duties. We didn’t have to wait long. That next Saturday was to be our first test and a packet of information was dropped at our doorstep.

Block captains were given the disaster plan. We were to make a map of our home and yard. Our home was now to be a staging area. The staging area is where everyone knows to come after they have assessed their own family’s situation and then they can help others by coming to the staging area to see what other families might need during the disaster. The different stations around our home included First Aid, Search and Rescue, Communications, Transportation, Sanitation and Shelter, Food and Water, Supply, Childcare and my personal favorite the Morgue. Those families on our call list were to know where a copy of this map was in our home and if a real disaster happened and we were dead, they would know exactly where to go in our house to find it and then carry out the plan as indicated by the instructions left in our closet.

We made our map, called all our families and let them know of the disaster coming on Saturday morning at 7:05 a.m. and to expect a call from us. We gave them a heads up about the items they were supposed to bring and mentioned the breakfast at the church hoping this would entice them all to participate.

Saturday morning came. We were up bright and early, even our teenagers were excited to participate. At 7:05 on the dot we started making calls to our nine families. In record time we were able to get through to them. Some seemed a little out of it even though we had warned them a couple of days before.

Each family head was to wake his family, get dressed, grab their 72 hour backpacks and report to the block staging area by 7:30 a.m. In the meantime, as block captains our job was to report to the District leader that our families had arrived at the staging area. We were feeling the urgency of the disaster when it was announced at our call in to the District leader that this was also a contest to see who reported in by cell phone with knowledge of all their families in the fastest time. We won with the shortest amount of time, 18 minutes to get our families to the staging area.

To be continued…

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