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LDS Preparedness 101: Three Things to Help You Handle an Emergency Situation

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Three Things to Help You Handle an Emergency Situation
With an Emergency Situation, Preparation is Key
Dealing with an emergency situation on the road can be a very scary thing. When it comes to roadside emergencies, the more prepared you are the better. There are several items that you should carry in your vehicle for safety. This article will highlight three very important safety items for your car or truck. These items can make an emergency situation a little less scary.
A Change of Clothes is Essential
It’s important to carry extra clothing in your vehicle. No matter how many times we’ve said that before, it always bears repeating. This extra clothing can come in handy in several ways especially if you’re faced with an emergency situation. First, it will keep you warm in the event that your car is broken down in the cold weather. Second it can be used for First Aid.
Extra clothing could be used to restrict bleeding if you are in a severe car accident and are bleeding heavily until an ambulance arrives. Simply “recycle” old clothing that you intend to throw out and store it in your vehicle. If you are stranded alongside the road, you are not going to care how unfashionable it is.
A Cell Phone Charger May Save Your Life
Make sure you carry a cell phone car charger in your vehicle. It is truly amazing how many people drive around with broken cell phone car chargers. What about the consumers who don’t wish to have a cell phone contract? There are several pre-paid cell phone plans that don’t require contracts. Although you cannot guarantee cell phone coverage everywhere you drive, you at least should have a working cell phone charger for your car so you will be able to use it in places where reception is clear. A cell phone can be your lifeline when you are faced with an emergency situation.
Don’t Run on Empty
It is important to have a full tank of gasoline. You should always try to avoid having your gas tank from dropping below half a tank, especially during the winter months.
Put the above tips to immediate use so that you can improve your chances of dealing with an emergency situation should you experience one.
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