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LDS Preparedness 101: The Power of Floods

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The Power of Floods
How to stay safe when floods come rolling in.
Floods are a force of nature that no one can prevent and no one can stop. The first step towards minimizing damage from potential floods is to prepare for a flood well before the floods arrive.

Be Prepared
Preparation before the floods is as important as what you do during the floods. Make sure that you have a disaster kit ready with a flashlight, extra batteries, a portable battery-operated radio, a first aid kit, bottled water, food, a non-electric can opener, your prescription medications and cash and credit cards. This will help ensure that you have what you need if floods should come rushing in.
You should also plan an evacuation route. Have a map on hand and know at least two routes to get out of your area.
The Flood’s Coming!
If you have advance notice that a flood is on the way, if you have time, you should turn off all of your main utilities at the main power switch and close any gas valves. You should also move all of your valuables to the upper floors. If you’re not evacuating you’re going to need water to survive, so fill your bathtubs, sinks and plastic bottles with clean water.
In Your Home
If the lower level of your home starts flooding, move to upper levels and if necessary, move onto the roof. Make sure that you take all of your flood supplies with you. Do not try to swim to safety, as the flood waters will be almost impossible to navigate. Wait for rescue workers to come and get you.
In Your Car
When floods arrive, make sure you don’t drive through any flooded areas. If you come across a flooded patch of road, turn around and go the other way. If your car stalls, don’t try to move it or restart it. Get out of the car and move to higher ground where you’ll be safe. The majority of drowning from floods occurs in cars.
On Foot
Make sure that you don’t try walking through flooded areas. Even if you think that the water is shallow enough to wade through, remember that it only takes six inches of water to knock a grown adult off their feet.
Keep an eye out for power lines that have fallen down and any electrical wires. When floods come rolling in, electrocution is another high risk that you have to avoid. Keep your eyes open and make your way to high ground until the floods pass.

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