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LDS Preparedness 101: The Maze of Emergency Car Kits

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The Maze of Emergency Car Kits
Emergency car kits abound, but which ones are worth their weight in gold?
As any good driver knows, having emergency car kits is an important part of road safety. However, many of us may rely on the fact that the kit we buy or the one that comes with your car is adequate for our needs. This may not always be the case, so here are some things that should be included if you plan on building your own emergency car kit.

First Aid and Other Instructions
The most important thing to have in an emergency car kit is instructions. Having the supplies with no idea of how to properly use them is as good as having none at all. So make sure that the kit you acquire or assemble by yourself has instructions for items that are contained within it.
Medicine and Bandages
Having both of these items in your emergency car kit is vital. However, you will need to make sure that it has items that you may really need. For example, if your kit has 30 tiny band aids the space that they take could be better utilized by one or two larger bandages. This also hold true for medicines. It may be better to have more pain killers than it would to have sore throat lozenges.
Flares and Road Triangles
Have functioning flares and road signs are an important item in any emergency car kit. Make sure that these items are kept in newer condition so that when an emergency strikes these items will be ready for action.
Blankets and Clothing
Although these are never standard items in pre-packed emergency road kits, they are important. Having a good warm blanket and a change of clothes could mean the difference between life and death in some emergency situations.
Try To Have Extra
It is always a good idea to have extra amount of the items that you choose to have in your emergency car kit. This will prove especially useful if you have passengers in your car that may need help in the event of an emergency encounter.
As we have covered, the best emergency road kit is the one that you customize yourself. This type of emergency car kit allows you to have only the items that you truly need and not the ones that take up space just because it “looks good.”

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