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LDS Preparedness 101: The Importance of Emergency Lighting

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The Importance of Emergency Lighting
How Having a Plan for Emergency Lighting Can Help You.
Emergency lighting is a very important component of staying safe in unpredictable conditions. In the event you were to experience a long power outage, emergency lighting will definitely come in handy.

Have It On Hand
Having backup lighting on hand should be a routine matter of household practice. In the event that the power lines are blown down by treacherous weather or in the event of a natural disaster, you may find yourself without power. We tend to take electricity for granted, but in the event of a power outage, having emergency lighting can be a lifesaver or, at the very least, a cause for celebration.
It is a good idea to have a variety of items on hand, such as extra flashlights. At the very minimum, having one flashlight per family member is usually recommended. Having battery-operated lanterns can be helpful as well as they almost function as a lamp when you are without power.
Remember to keep extra batteries on hand in case the batteries in your flashlights or lanterns die. You can reduce your need for batteries by purchasing flashlights that power-up by shaking them, Just shake the flashlight for about 30 seconds to activate and, voila, light!
Lay It Out Properly
You should also make sure you strategically place your emergency lighting in your home. Knowing where to locate it in the event of an emergency is helpful, so you might be tempted to put it in one location. That’s not usually a good idea since you will need to feel your way around in the dark in order to retrieve it and will risk injuring yourself. Make sure to keep a flashlight for each family member near that person’s bed. (Why does the power rarely go out during the daytime?) Even having a whistle is helpful for allowing family members to make their location known.
By keeping extra batteries, ample flashlights, and newer products such as flashlights that don’t even require any batteries on hand at all times, you will no longer need to anticipate power outages with dread.
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