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The End of America As We Know It: Are you Prepared for the Dollar Collapse?

What could change the course of the United States? What would it take?

Take a look at this fascinating video to learn what is really going on in this country. Although this is not work of our doing, it is powerful enough to make the biggest skeptic reflect for a moment.

The prophets have warned us for decades to “get our houses in order”.

Decide for yourself and let us know if there is anything we can do to help or if you have any comments.

There is mounting evidence that the dollar is on the verge of collapse and will soon be replaced with a new reserve currency. If this were to happen today, it would cause a worldwide economic disaster for the United States.

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This post and video are not meant to scare you, only to inform. The United States has been borrowing money at an unprecedented and alarming rate for decades. If the dollar were to loose “reserve” status as the worlds only reserve currency, the results would be devastating for Americans.

Here are a few links below, though this is only the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on..


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