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LDS Preparedness 101: The Dangers of Flood Water

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The Dangers of Flood Water
Why Walking in Flood Water is No Stroll in the Park
Walking in flood water can be very dangerous and is to be avoided at all costs. It might be tempting to walk in flood waters in order to get to a safer area, but it is a very risky proposition. Walking in flood water has many hidden dangers that most people don’t even realize.

Depth Doesn’t Matter
Even if the flood water you encounter is below your knees, you need to be extremely cautious. Just a mere 6 inches of water can present the same dangers associated with deeper depths. Flood water typically moves much faster than it appears and can carry large debris which could potentially injure you. Remember that the appearance of flood waters is usually very deceptive.
Your Car Doesn’t Make You Invincible
If you are in a vehicle, avoid the temptation to try to drive through flooded areas. It is nearly impossible to outrun a flood and vehicles can easily be swept up in just 24 inches of water. If you are stranded on a piece of land and are surrounded by flood waters, it is usually recommended that you wait for rescue personnel rather than attempting to walk or drive in the flood waters surrounding you.
Drowning Isn’t Your Only Problem
Drowning isn’t the only risk that flood waters present. Flood water can harbor dangerous bacteria and other pollutants and can even be contaminated with raw sewage. Because of this, wading through flood waters can be just as unhealthy as wading through human waste and you definitely should never ingest this type of water.
Flood water also poses the danger of electrical shock. Downed wires pose a serious electrical hazard in flooded areas. This is another reason why it is so important to stay out of flood water until professional rescue crews arrive.
While it’s easy to panic in a flood and escape may be the first thing on your mind, make sure you keep a rational head and follow the above suggestions if you are faced with the unfortunate scenario of experiencing a flood. By doing this, you’ll increase your chances of surviving a flood, should one occur.
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