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LDS Preparedness 101: The Benefits of Generators for the Elderly

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The Benefits of Generators for the Elderly
The Elderly May Need Generators More Than Those In Their Youth
Having a generator during a power outage is very beneficial. A generator can provide peace of mind and may actually be life-saving or, at the very least, facilitate an unpleasant experience such as an extended power outage. As long as proper safety considerations are followed, having a generator can be incredibly valuable during a power outage. If an emergency arises, you will be glad you took this extra step. While generators can be a great tool for people of any age, they tend to be especially valuable for the elderly.

The Elderly Face More Distress
Elderly individuals tend to get the most benefit from having a generator. Because they are more susceptible to temperature variations and are at greater risk for hypothermia during the winter months than younger individuals, being without heat or air conditioning for an extended length of time can be detrimental to the health of elderly individuals. Many elderly individuals also rely on medications that require refrigeration. If an extended power outage occurs the medicine can go bad, which can cause serious complications. For an elderly, insulin-dependent diabetic, keeping a power supply to the refrigerator is crucial.
Having a generator in case of a power outage is a wise decision. A generator can provide added peace of mind until power is restored by keeping power supplied to your house. We often forget how much we rely on power to keep perishable food and medications that require refrigeration to be stored at the proper temperature. If you have an elderly family member who currently doesn’t have a generator, consider getting them one as a gift or having other family members chip in with you so the cost isn’t too prohibitive. It’s a gift that could literally save
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