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Earn $3 for Each Ward Facebook Page Created: An Attempt to Spread the Important Message of Preparedness

Have you seen the state of the world Lately? Isn’t Time you Prepared? It is Time to Spread the Message of Preparedness. The World is Ready.

Most families would not know what to do if a major disaster hit. Many want to become better prepared, but may lack the time, information, or just simply don’t know where to begin.

LDS Emergency Resources makes it easy for you to get prepared. We have scores of information, tutorials, preparedness ideas, food storage tips, emergency supplies and much more – all in efforts to help you become better prepared for a disaster… a disaster that will one day come.

Our Goal is to create a preparedness website available for each and every Ward in order to help members better prepare for disaster. If you already have a Ward page, you can still help. We can make this happen if everyone participates. You will be surprised at how quickly you can help others prepare – if you help spread the word.

During this program, we will be paying $3 for each Facebook Ward website created. It takes about 15 minutes to setup and there is no limit to how many pages you can create. If you only create (1) Ward website, you will only earn $3.00. If you create 100 Ward websites, you will earn $300.00. This means that you can earn money for helping us spread this message.

At the end of the program, for each FB page you created, we will deposit $3.00 into your Paypal account or via Google Cart.

Just a Few Easy Steps to Participate

  1. Register with us. Just for creating 1 Ward page, we will pay you $3. The more pages you make, the more you get paid!
  2. Following registration, Create your preparedness Facebook Page. Create the page for your Ward, your Stake, for simple awareness, or any emergency preparedness topic. Remember – add pictures, information, and your store link to this blog post.
  3. After you register and create your page(s), make sure to – Spread the Word. There are many ways to share your new page(s) with others.

That’s all.

Once your page(s) have been made, paste a link of each one of them in the “Comments” section of this blog post and leave others feedback with suggestions for spreading the word. You must post the links to each page in the post in order to get paid for each page.


Take a moment to complete the form below in order to register. Before you can get paid for creating FB pages, we need to know how to pay you!

Create a Ward or Stake Preparedness Facebook Page

Making a Facebook page is very easy, anyone can do it. In order to begin go to: Sign in and Create a Facebook Page .

Remember, the page can be anything that is related to emergency preparedness and disaster relief. It can be a preparedness page dedicated to your Ward, Stake, or any other organization. It can also simply be an awareness page or preparedness page to engage members. Whatever theme you decide for your page, make sure to ad pictures and information so that others know what it’s for. Feel free to use the photos and info from Our Preparedness Page) – and make sure to add a link of this blog post on your page. Here is another example that you can use to create a page for your Ward.

Once your page has been setup, connect our Preparedness App to your page (this will connect us to the new page you created). Use the Ecwid ID: 91387

Until May 23, 2011 5:00pm PST, you will be paid $3.00 for each Facebook page you create relating to this important topic.

The more pages you setup, the more money you will make – and the more you will help other people become aware to get better prepared.

Immediately following the end of this program, those who participated will be paid via PayPal or Google Checkout.

Learn how to spread the word to your friends following our outline below. Those who spread the word the most and get the most followers will get bonuses.

Spread the Word – Tell Everyone You Know

After making your Facebook pages, it is very important to spread the message to others. Luckily, this is very easy with the use of Facebook, Twitter, Email and other social media tools.

Most importantly, suggest and share your new preparedness page with others you know and explain to them what the page is about. If it is a Ward preparedness page, send it to everyone in your Ward or Stake. Do the best you can to Tweet about it, tell your Bishop, Stake President, Ward friends, Facebook buddies, post on your blog, e-mail friends & family members, add to your e-mail signature, tell local media, etc.) and detail what you did in the comments below (on this post) to show others how to spread the word.

Tell your friends who are members of the church and encourage them to do the same – all it takes is a simple email. Bonus points go to people who act sooner vs. later.
Deadline is 5/23/2011 at 5:00pm PST.

Not sure of what to say? Here’s the simple version for Facebook status and other channels:

“Join my Ward Facebook page and Get Better Prepared”
“Earn $3 for Creating Ward Facebook Pages”

Just tell them to become a fan on your new Facebook page or to create a Ward page of their own. Most people would like to help and be part of a great cause.

Lastly, to show appreciation for those who work extra hard, we will be giving away a few bonuses.

Bonuses for getting Fans on your Ward Facebook Page:

Facebook Page with the Most Fans: Bonus $100.00

Person Who Creates the Most Pages Bonus $100.00

Facebook Pages with 100 or more Fans: Bonus $25.00

*To receive your prizes make sure to post your FB Page link in the “Comments” section of this blog post and leave others feedback with suggestions for spreading the word.

Ready to start making your Ward Facebook page? A few minutes of your time could change the world and make a big difference to others.

Sign-up & Get Started!

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Mormon Church Makes Bid To Acquire Facebook?


CLARIFICATION: This post was published Aug. 20th at 1am

According to Zach Klein and his valley sources, the Mormon Church’s Family History Department has made a bid to acquire Facebook:

I heard from an employee close to the deal that the Mormon church’s genealogy business made an unsolicited bid to acquire Facebook.

The Mormon Church maintains the largest genealogical database in the United States and apparently has the cash reserves necessary to make an offer of the magnitude necessary to acquire Facebook.

According to a 1997 Time Magazine Report, the Church of Latter Day Saints’ assets exceeded $30 Billion in 1996, and three years later was reported to be making over $5 Billion in revenue each year.

The Church is no stranger to the technology world, and in the 1980’s even created the first standard for exchange of genealogical information, Genealogy Data COMmunications, or GEDCOM for short.

The sheer depth and breadth of the Church’s genealogical information is staggering – the specter of pairing it with one of the most detailed, accurate, and widespread social maps in existence (Facebook) is truly terrifying.

How much did they offer? Well, according the the latest executive stock sale rumors, Facebook may actually be valued at around $5-8 Billion – so we can only assume that the Church made an offer somewhere north of the $5 Billion mark.

My question is – will they roll their own private label version? Mormonbook anyone?

UPDATE (2:04 am): My inquiry a couple of hours ago to an old college friend who works for one of the interested parties has indicated that there is more at play here than meets the eye, and definitely more than just a kernel of truth to this rumor.

UPDATE (3:09 pm): The Church reached out to me this afternoon. This is the official word from their Public Affairs Spokesperson, Lyman Kirkland:


You can quote this statement:

“This rumor has no foundation whatsoever.”

A source who was in contact with the LDS Los Angeles office passed on this note to me: “…no one in Salt Lake is providing our LA office with any information about the issue at this point.”

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