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Survival Preparedness for Beginners


LDS Emergency Resources provides disaster support, preparedness training and food storage prep. We also have the LDS food storage calculator which will tell you how much food, sugar, milk etc. you will need depending upon the number of family members. This stocking up will help in disaster management and one can be prepared for his survival in acute conditions.

            Beginners can start with a simple checklist which will help them being prepared for survival.

  1. Water: water is the most important part of a human’s survival. One can keep bottled water stored in their houses, garage, cars etc. such that they can be handy when needed.
  2. Food storage:  canned food is a good alternative where fresh one is not available. Canned meat and fruits are available which can be bought over the counter for use when a disaster strikes.
  3. First aid list:  a small first aid kit should always be handy as disasters are becoming more and more frequent. People are getting training across the world to survive disaster.
  4. The 72 hour survival kit: this kit includes food, water, personal items and sanitation. This kit is specially designed for survival during a disaster. It is generally seen that any disaster lasts for almost 3 days and then help arrives. So this kit helps the person to cope up with the situation at least for 3 days.
  5. Keep escape routes in your home: in case of an emergency, like fire or gas leak, there should be an escape route so that one can save himself escaping through the back door.
  6. Discuss with your friends and family well before hand where to meet when separated: keep a relatives’ place as the meeting place outside your house.
  7. Keep some cash handy: disaster may blow off your bank and leave your house intact! So save yourself from the pain, conserve cash at home and keep it unused.
  8. Keep important documents safely:  it is a good idea to scan your important documents such as passports and family documents and save it on your email so that it can be recovered later on from any computer.

This checklist will help beginners for emergency preparedness and assist in survival.

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