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LDS Preparedness 101: Survival Food Doesn’t Have to Be Gross

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Survival Food Doesn’t Have to Be Gross
5 survival food items that taste great and are good for you.
Yes it’s true that when it comes to survival food sometimes your choices are, shall we say, less than appetizing. Let’s face it; survival food can taste pretty bad. There are however some options that will help you not only survive, but will also allow you to do it with some flavor.

Dried Foods
The oldest method for preserving food can also provide a tasty survival food mainstay. Drying allows you access to a variety of food choices. Fruits, vegetables and meats can all be dried. Since this is the case, it can provide you with an assortment of flavorful foods and can also help by keeping storage space to a minimum.
Some of the best survival food around is the food that you “make” yourself. Caning has been a staple of survival for many, many years. This process can allow you to pick and chose various fruits and vegetables of your choice. Since this is the case, this option obviously provides some of the best tasting survival foods around.
Canned Goods
If canning is not your cup of tea than canned goods is a good alternative. These foods maintain a long shelf life and taste good enough for everyday eating. Just make sure that you keep a manual can opener available with this type of survival food.
Aside from meats, nuts are one of the best sources of protein, though there benefits don’t stop there. Nuts come in a variety of tastes that can suit nearly everyone. They also can be stored for long periods of time and take up little space making them one of the best types of survival food.
Have you had your water today? Water is a building block of life and now a days if comes in many flavors too. Keeping some flavored water on hand not only tastes good but is necessary for survival. You may also what to look at beverages such as protein shakes and dietary supplement drinks. These offer you even more in the way of taste and they can provide you with extra vitamins and minerals that your body needs.
As you know survival can be tough, but your tastes buds need not suffer if you use some of this appetizing survival food.

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