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LDS Preparedness 101: Severe Weather Alerts Can Save Your Life

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Severe Weather Alerts Can Save Your Life
Make Sure You Know When Severe Weather Is Approaching
Knowing when severe weather is on the way can literally mean the difference between life and death. For instance, if you have know idea a tornado is approaching, you might not take cover and we all know how deadly tornados can be. If you’re planning to drive across town, you may want to know that a severe thunderstorm is on the way. Being alerted when severe weather is heading towards you is essential to the assurance of your safety. But how do you always know when it’s coming?

Television, Radio and Internet
The television, the radio and the Internet are wonderful ways of keeping an eye on weather changes and being notified when you need to take safety measures. But what happens when you are sleeping? If it’s three in the morning, the television and radio are off and you are sound asleep, you’re not going to know if the local weather report has just issued a tornado warning or some other severe weather notice.
Sirens Don’t Always Work
If you’re relying on emergency sirens to wake you up in case of a severe weather crisis, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise should severe weather strike. Those sirens are meant to alert people who are outside. They are not intended to penetrate the walls of your home and wake you up. And what happens if you don’t have one of those sirens in the town you live in? Not all places have them, especially if you live in a rural area.
Take Advantage of Severe Weather Services
There are a number of severe weather services you can subscribe to if you want to know when severe weather is headed your way. Some of the services are free and some cost a nominal fee. For example, the Notify service offered by the Weather Channel will call your home phone, your cell phone and will even send you an email if severe weather is on the horizon. While the service does cost about $60 a year, I think it’s the best service out there and you can’t tell me your safety isn’t worth about five bucks a month.
If you were a subscriber of the Weather Channel’s notify service, you wouldn’t need to worry about a tornado or other severe weather hitting when you were asleep. Even if it was two in the morning, you’d be getting a call from Notify telling you to take cover. It could actually save your life.

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