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Secrets For Long Term Food Storage that Others don’t Want you to Know

Secrets of Long-term Food Storage

Man: Good evening youtubers! I’m gonna step on a few toes in this video. Like that’s nothing new for me. You know those podcasters? Those survival podcasters that want you to think that their poo doesn’t stink? That they are helping you and that their way is the best way – that they know everything there is to know about everything!

You know, the Yankee preppers, the survival podcasters, the Road Warrior – all those wonderful survivalists that tell you how to do food storage and prepare for the shit hitting the fan and all that – they’re big with these letters.

Let me tell you something! There’s a group of people out there that have been doing this for years. I put their link in my side box, whichever side it’s one. But look over there in the “More info” section. I’m gonna put a link to their site. Now you won’t see any of the other podcasters doing this or videocasters or whatever because you know what? They want – their whole thing is to get so many subscribers that think they’re God’s gift to the world. That they’re the only ones on Youtube that know anything about what they’re talking about.

Now, the Mormon Church – it is their religion to be prepared. It’s been that way before the year 2000 – way back. They honestly believe and it’s in their religion that being prepared for emergencies actually relieves your stress, it makes it easier, your life easier. And I see how it does it. And I’m not a Mormon. I’m not part of The Church of Latter Day Saints. But you know what? They are some of the more Christian people that actually put this stuff into practice.

And think about it! If you and your family have a year’s supplies of food stored away, or even just a year’s supply of rice and beans – the extender food, the stuff that you can add what’s in your cupboards to make it go further. Let’s say you have 100 pounds of rice per member of your family. You have a 55 gallon drum full of water per family member and you just got it stored away. And when you watch the news and everything and people talk about disasters and crashes and all like that – doesn’t it make you feel just a little less tense and a little less anxious because you know that if the poo hits the fan, you won’t be dying – you won’t be that “After Armageddon” show that was on the History Chanel. You won’t be that family, starving and pulling their hairs because you already made these preparations.

You have prepared for the big earthquake – it depends on where you live on what you mostly prepare for. But go to the Mormon Church – it’s called Provident Living. It’s called – let me get this right – I don’t speak real good English, I speak hillbilly. I got the link over there in the side box somewhere on the page. I tell you what – those other survival podcasters, they do a good job but they’re not the BO at all. These people in the Mormon Church have been doing this for a long time.

I’ve also put links over there so you can find – there’s a link to find a cannery. These people – they don’t care if you’re a member of their church. They will open their cannery to you! Anybody! If you got one close enough within driving distance and they’ll sell you the 25 pound bags of dehydrated apples at their cost. It would be nice of you to drop a little something into the Offering basket because they’re providing a service for us.

But these people will open their cannery to you. They will let you have the supplies at cost, show you how to run the canner, oxygen absorbers and everything – they’ll be glad to instruct you how to use it. And you can go in there and buy a 25 pound bag of dehydrated apples or carrots or beans and buy the no.10 cans. They’ll give you the cans, show you how to put the absorber in there and seal it yourself. You can sit there right in the place and seal it yourself. And do as much as you want. Or you can get the Mylar bags and bring it home with you and seal what you want, seal your stuff at home.

So these people will give you the supplies at their cost. And they get it by the truckload so you don’t have to worry about the shipping. It’s all factored in already. Like I said, I put links out there to the price list – this is long term storage. It’s not Sam’s Wholesale where you get cans of chilly weenies and all that other stuff. Long-term storage, this is shelf-life stuff that’s like 20-30 years shelf life stuff that you can be like a fire extinguisher, get a bunch of it, store it in the back of the closet and pretty much forget about it. Break open in case of war and it won’t break your bank – it’s very easy to do.

I mean, when you see the prices, you’ll agree. So all those other survival podcasts, I wouldn’t call them podcasts – youtubers – that think they’re all that – Hey! These people put us all to shame cause they’ve been doing it, it’s their religion to be prepared and it’s not a bad thing! You should read some of their reasons for being prepared – it’s just peace of mind for everybody. It doesn’t have to be 2012, it doesn’t have to be end-times. It doesn’t have to be economic crash, dollar crash, hyperinflation – it’s peace of mind. And it’s no reason for anybody not to have it.


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