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Secrets for Home Food Storage

LDS - Secrets for Home Food Storage

Hey guys – this is Black Cat Saloon. I thought I start this video with a quick, little story that’s worth mentioning in any context. When I was a boy, my father once told me that you can tell a lot about a person based on how they treat their waitress. If they don’t treat their waitress nicely, no matter how nicely they treat you, they are not a nice person. And there’s a good life lesson in there in that simple little adage.

Okay, let’s cut to the chase here. You know, in these tough economic times it’s always good to save money where you can, obviously. I wanna share with you, something that I came across that will save you a lot of money with regards to your long-term food storage. There are many ways to put up or store your long-term provisions. One way is to buy pre-packaged no.10 cans and that’s pretty much what you see before you right now. I found a church that runs an online catalog where you can order at nearly cost or these stuff could actually be at cost with free shipping – the basic staples such as rice, red wheat, pinto beans and oats – all pre-packaged in no.10 cans.

And guys, I checked a half a dozen other sites, online sites and none even come close to these prices. I’ll place the link to the online catalogue down bellow in the information section. The church that runs this online catalogue is the YesChurch – commonly known as the Mormons. I’m not Mormon, I’m Sothern Baptist. My grandfather was a Southern Baptist minister down in a little church in Southern Indiana.

My father is on the board of our Southern Baptist church. So before I created this video, I did contact the Mormon customer service center for their online catalogue – just to find out is it okay for non-members to order from your online catalogue. And I’ll just read a little clip here from what they wrote back. They were kind enough to respond. What they said was:

“There are no restrictions on who can order from our catalogue. You may place an order online at or by phone or mail.”

And they’d give the telephone number and the address so if you want to order by mail, you can do that as well. I’ll just clip this email of what they sent back and I’ll put that down in the information section as well so you guys can see that and read that as well.

Now when you go to their online catalogue, you’ll see a little search box and the easiest way that I was able to find this stuff was just to type in “food home storage”. And then you’ll gonna get back a few pages and you’ll be able to see the basic staples there and this stuff is sold in cases, so in each case you get 6 no.10 cans. But you’ll see cases of beans, wheat, rice, oats and you’ll also gonna see something that’s called a “Starter Kit”. And that’s what I really recommend that you guys get initially for your first order, you get a starter kit because that gives you a little bit of each. And what you see before you is actually the starter kit – 6 no.10 cans. You get 2 cans of wheat, 1 can of pinto beans, 2 cans of rice and a can of oats.

And you also get a couple of these like this little drinking water bottle here and you also get a little – another little bottle that says “Financial reserves – save a little each week” – apparently this is where you’d save your change to buy this stuff. But, in addition to all the long-term food that you get, you also get some little booklets that are really useful. You get a little booklet that discusses the basics of food storage.

You get another booklet that has a lot of nice little recipes on how to prepare this food. And they’re really simple recopies, so this is worth getting the starter kit in itself right here. You also get a book on family finances which is really good and I’m thinking guys, when we get this, read it and then mail it to the federal government because – Damn! They need to learn something about financing, obviously.

The Mormons have been advocating long-term food storage for a long time, at least from the 70’s. I know that because my parents were friends with some Mormons back in the 70’s and they talked about food storage. My parents were preppers so they were friends with these folks, even though they were Baptists. But the Mormons are normal folk, just like any other religion: Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, whatever. I think they have some additional testaments, but they believe in God just like any other religion does. They believe in Jesus Christ. But I do think they have a couple of additional testaments.

But anyway – they’ve been advocating food storage since the 70’s, so they do know what they’re talking about. And I trust this food that I’m getting from them. I think that this is food that they can themselves in their canneries – but I have no problem at all using this food. In fact, the shelf life of this food is stated on the back of these cans. When you guys get your starter kit, you can check out the cans and look at it. 30+ years is what they’re saying this stuff will last. 30+ years! You can’t argue with that. You buy this stuff, put it in your basement where it’s nice and cool and this stuff should last you a long, long time.

Now, I came across a really good article that discusses long-term food storage. And it turns out that food stored in no.10 cans, just like you see before you, lasts much longer than previously thought. And what the Mormons did, is they had some folks who actually had food, because they have been storing for a long time – they had some 30+ years food stored in no.10 cans like this. So they sent it to BYU (Brigham Young University) for testing. And as it turns out, they tested the food and it was perfectly fine. There was nothing wrong with this food and it was 30 years old or older.

And there’s an article, I’m gonna link that article as well – it’s called Home Food Stores last 30 years or more. And they discuss this and they talk with a professor from Brigham Young University who’s on the team who did the testing. So it’s a really good article to read and I’ll link that up for you guys as well.

Okay, so in closing guys, kudos to the Mormons! I think the official name is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – I hope I get that right, I think that’s what they call their church. You know, for offering non-members to access their catalogue to buy goods like what you see before you, I think that’s a really nice outreach program they’ve got there. And that kinda ties back to that adage that I talked about at the beginning – if you think that you’re a non-Mormon, just that adage. We’re kinda like the waitress – we’re not a member of their church but they’re allowing us to buy from their online catalogue which I think is really, really good. A really good outreach program, you can’t complain there.

So kudos to them! That’s it guys, that’s all I’ve got! Take care. A subscription would be great. If you wanna give me a thumbs up, favorite the video – that’ll be cool. I’d love to see you subscribed – that gives me good feedback. Lets me know I’m doing a halfway-decent job and at least maybe you’ll wanna come back and watch some more of my videos. So that’s it guys! Take care and talk to you next time!


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  1. I am so glad I found this site! I am just starting my food storage “journey” and this is one of the better sources of info I’ve found. Funny thing is that I was never one to worry about this stuff until my Uncle Ed showed me his food storage shed and educated me a bit on how many things that could happen that could potentially cause a food shortage. It’s scary. I’m going to start small, but I am still trying to learn the basics. It sounds simple. I’m quickly learning it’s NOT! Thanks for the blog. Great info!

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