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Relief shipment

Five weeks after an 8.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Pisco Peru the Church sent a second wave of relief supplies to the affected area Sept. 29.
Photo by Jason SwensenEarthquake victims in Pisco Peru live in tents. Teaming with ASTAR Air Cargo Inc. DHL and Gossner Foods the Church sent in a second shipment of 67000 pounds of milk hygiene kits and blankets.
Teaming with ASTAR Air Cargo Inc. DHL and Gossner Foods the Church sent 67000 pounds of specially processed ultra-high temperature milk hygiene kits blankets and school kits expected to help about 5000 people in need.
The cargo was transported at no cost to the Church by ASTAR and DHL into Lima Peru Sept. 29 and distributed in the Pisco area by the office of Pilar Nores de Garcia the First Lady of Peru.
The ultra-high temperature milk was provided to the Church by Gossner Foods based in Logan Utah and has been specially processed and packaged so that no refrigeration is required until it is opened. According to Perus First Lady food and milk continue to be the most needed items along with shelter.
This project is part of the Churchs ongoing work with Pisco residents to find safe housing food and water. Thousands of blankets have already been sent and Church buildings in Peru have been used for shelter.
Hundreds died Aug. 15 when the magnitude-8 earthquake hit southwest Peru. Counted among the some 540 killed in the quake were nine Latter-day Saints. In the wake of the disaster local members began offering immediate assistance and the Church sent relief supplies from Salt Lake City.
We are grateful for the generosity of DHL and ASTAR Air Cargo in providing us the means to transport this much needed relief to those still suffering in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Pisco Peru said Rick Foster of Welfare Services. The Church he added is committed to humanitarian outreach as part of its core mission and is grateful to partner with others in blessing the lives of those in need.
John Dasburg ASTARs Chairman CEO and president said his organization is thrilled to work with DHL and the Church to make the mission possible and do our part to help those in need in Peru.
Im proud to say this was an employee-driven project he said in a press release. It was sparked by ASTAR employees working regularly in Peru and witnessing the destruction and hardship caused by the earthquake. Our concerned employees contacted ASTARs Charity Committee to see if something could be done to help.
The committee then put out the word to U.S. humanitarian organizations that an ASTAR aircraft would be available for transporting relief supplies to Peru.
Dan Ludwig senior vice president of Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Management at DHL said the company welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with other organizations having common humanitarian interests to assist Peruvian earthquake victims. Our aim is to directly apply expertise and resources for logistical solutions to disaster events. Teaming-up with ASTAR and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on this initiative is a strong example of how private industry and non-government organizations can work together to effectively provide relief.
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