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Reaching out to the one in need

Bishop H. David Burton dedicated the Layton Utah Welfare Complex Oct. 15 as a center of hope that will help the Church reach out to the one.
Photo by August Miller/Deseret NewsThe line forms early as people await the grand opening of the new Deseret Industries store in Layton Utah. Above right Presiding Bishop H. David Burton speaks at dedication ceremonies for the Layton store.
The 60000-square-foot facility is the first in the Church to include a Deseret Industries Thrift Store an LDS Employment Resource Center a Bishops Storehouse and Home Storage Center an LDS Family Services Agency and a Church distribution center.
The center will serve 25 stakes located in a geographic area that is 26 miles wide and 28 miles long.
Tomorrow the doors will open a grand opening will be held and a ribbon will be cut said Bishop Burton Presiding Bishop of the Church. But tonight is our opportunity to express thanks to those that have made this possible. Those who will continue to volunteer their time and their talents.
Each he added will fulfill a quest to reach out to the one.
Several thousand attended the dedication of the facility filling the Deseret Industries store — located at 930 W. Hillfield Road in Layton — to capacity.
I have always wanted to be between toddlers and toys said Bishop Burton joking about the location of the podium placed between the two Deseret Industries departments for the dedication. It is a great occasion that brings us together.
Deseret Industries helps Church leaders assist individuals who lack skills to develop self-reliance through work and training and provides opportunities for giving and service he explained.
This synergistic approach not only makes a difference for the unemployed but also the underemployed he added.
Photo by MikeTerry Deseret NewsPresiding Bishop H. David Burton speaks at dedication ceremonies for the Layton store.
The Deseret Industries in very simple terms is a center of hope he said.
The Church operates 43 Deseret Industries stores in seven states. Those stores served 7200 associates and 5.8 million customers in 2007.
Because of the generosity of the Latter-day Saints … these facilities not only take care of those individuals who come on the bishops order to be assisted but they also generated resources that help those who stand in need in one way or another.
In addition to the Deseret Industries the Layton Welfare Complex includes:
• LDS Employment Resource Center. The Church operates 311 centers in 53 countries. In 2007 the centers served 223810 people.
• Bishops Storehouse and Home Storage Center. The Church runs 146 Bishops Storehouses and 102 home storage centers worldwide. In 2007 more than 1.3 million hours of labor were donated to these facilities by missionaries and volunteers.
• LDS Family Services. The Church has 73 Family Services agencies serving 154000 people annually.
• Distribution Services. All Church units temples and members worldwide are served by 136 distribution centers; the Layton store will serve 130000 people annually.
Photo by August Miller/Deseret NewsHeidi Perry of Kaysville shops for clothes at the new Deseret Industries in Layton. The store complex also includes other welfare services including employment family and distribution services and a Bishops Storehouse.
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