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Pure religion: A bowl of oatmeal

On the morning before Christmas in 1970 the Welfare Square Bishops Storehouse received a telephone call. A family in desperate need had just arrived in the city and had moved into a small apartment.
The mother and four young children all under the age of 10 were obviously living in poverty. They were members of the Church and the mother discussed their condition openly and said that they needed food and a few other items. As she talked it became obvious that the children were not planning to have a Christmas.
That very morning a generous member of the Church had given me $50 for someone in need. Because a transient order could provide the family with food and clothing through the storehouse I felt that the money could be used to provide some kind of a Christmas for the family. The mother did agree that a small Christmas tree would be appreciated.
I asked the little girls what they would like and they responded that they would like a doll or stuffed animal. The little boy who was about 6 years of age simply said I would like a bowl of oatmeal.
How hungry he must have been. I told him he would get some good oatmeal and maybe something else too.
Back at the storehouse a bishops order was filled to take care of some of the familys immediate needs. I went home and told three of my young children about the needy family. We decided to go shopping and my children selected toys for each of the children and purchased a nice tree and some ornaments. It was a humbling first-time experience for my children.
The four of us drove out to the home of the family. We made our delivery making sure that the little boy received a large package of oatmeal. Then we brought in the toys and put them under the tree. The mother was in tears and her children were overjoyed. The children sang a Christmas song and we left the happy family with good wishes.
That night as my family gathered around our dinner table laden with good food we gave thanks that a little boy had received his bowl of oatmeal. — Elder Glen L. Rudd Emeritus General Authority

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