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LDS Preparedness 101: Preparing Your Disaster Recovery Plans

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Preparing Your Disaster Recovery Plans
How to prepare your disaster recovery plans the right way.
You may think you have no need for disaster recovery plans, but think about this. You’ve just weathered the worst disaster of your life and right about now your feeling pretty good about yourself, that is until one little but very important question crosses your mind. “What do I do now?”

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
As it is often said “there’s no time like the present.” This is the kind of attitude that you should have when it comes to disaster recovery plans. Now I know that some of you may be of the mind that this won’t happen to me. But truth be told all one has to do is look at the victims of Hurricane Katrina to know that such lines of logic can be catastrophic.
Create a Plan
The first step to disaster recovery plans is to plan a course of action. This plan will have several items that need to be address at two different times. For you, the first time should be now, before a disaster. This is the time that will be used to make your plans. This may involve assessing your belongings and assets and determining your value.
Next, collaborate with friends and co-workers. By doing this you will be able to synchronize your plans and/or come up with better ideas.
Thirdly, you should talk with insurance and government agencies. Having the knowledge of their policies and procedures will help you to adapt your plans and give you the knowledge of knowing what you’ll need to do after a disaster. By doing this now you will save yourself from experiencing excessive amounts of stress and confusion that may occur from not knowing what steps and procedures you’ll need to follow to get back on your feet after a disaster.
The Execution
The next step is executing your plan. You’ve made through the storm and you’ve already created your disaster recovery plans. Now you need to execute those plans. This means getting in touch with key individuals or performing certain tasks.
The important thing is that you stick to your disaster recovery plans. This will ensure that no matter what losses you suffer, you have disaster recovery plans that can be executed and you will have helped yourself onto the road of recovery should disaster strike.

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