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Prepared #4 – Essential Apparatus (Preparedness Series)

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Rick: Hi there! This is Rick and in today’s episode I’m gonna be talking about preparedness equipment.

Intro: This is a series of videos introducing people to the concept of preparedness and planning ahead in order to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of crisis or disaster.

Rick: Now I’ve done this video under the assumption that you will be staying at home. If you’ve got to actually get up and leave, then I’ve got another video about bugging out. But right now, this video is to cover you for staying at home – conquering out at home and weathering out the storm.

So you’ve got your food storage sorted out, you’ve got your water sorted out. You’ve got your information printed out and ready to go. Now we need to talk about equipment. Now, the whole point of this video is to get one very important message across: Doesn’t matter how much equipment that you need, if you don’t have it available to you at the time a crisis strikes, then there’s a very high probability that you’re not gonna be able to get hold of it.

So I’m just gonna quickly go over some of the things that are recommended that you have in stock, in preparation for any kind of crisis or emergency situations. Torches – it’s highly recommended – torches with spare batteries. Personally, I don’t like the old style of torch anymore, simply because they consume a lot of power, especially with the incandescent light bulb. LED torches are a lot more efficient; the batteries will last a lot longer and if you can go one better, and get a wind-up one – this is a wind-up torch, doesn’t actually require any batteries whatsoever, then even better.

Radio – if the power’s gone out or there’s some major emergency going on, you’re gonna need to know what’s going on. If you can go for one, that is a wind-up one like this one. Obviously, one spare of batteries for your equipment. Now, some of the preparedness guides lists, they recommend candles. Personally, I don’t recommend candles – I think they’re a fire hazard. Another good thing to have is wet wipes. If you find yourself in a health-hazard situation, for example a huge flu outbreak or pandemic or something like that, then you cannot go wrong if you go get yourself a face mask. Now, very, very important – these will not be available to you if a pandemic breaks out because everybody’s gonna want one and the chance to get a hold of one will be a lot harder so it’s best to get them way before anything major happens

There is a certain type that you need to get. If you’re in England, it’s an FFP3. P3’s are pretty much the lowest you wanna go. These are designed for organic vapors. You use them when you’re using spray paints and stuff like that. Regular dust masks and surgical masks – no good whatsoever, forget about them. Get proper equipment.

Another useful thing is some sort of cooking device. This is just a basic, simple camp stove. Make sure you’ve got some spare fuel. You can get these in all sorts of shapes and sizes – one gold rule: do not use camp stoves inside the house. Now, talking about cooking food, obviously, don’t forget your tin openers. Another thing that is essential, especially if you’re bugging in your home, is a fire extinguisher.

Polythene bags – okay, now we get onto a subject a lot of people are gonna get squeamish about – sanitation. If you find that you suddenly have no sewage works, working – if you suddenly find that you can’t flush your toilet or whatever, this is where polythene bags come in. You gotta put your poop somewhere. Basically, this is actually very, very serious. Back in the old days, more people died of dysentery than anything else because they didn’t have proper hygiene and sanitation.

If it’s a temporary issue, you’ll have to end up pooping in bags, sealing them up and either put them somewhere, preferably a dedicated bin that will seal and then you can deal with them when the crisis is over. If it’s a long-term crisis, you’re gonna have to find a place to store them or you’re gonna have to dig yourself a latrine. But I’m gonna go over something like that in another video.

If you take medication – make sure you have a good supply of them, make sure that you’re stocked up and they’re up to date. Obviously, keep your eyes on the dates; you don’t want medicines going out of date. If you’ve got babies or small children, don’t forget to stock up on diapers or nappies and formula. Don’t forget the family pet – Rover of Phoenix or whoever it has to be. Make sure they have enough food to keep them going too.

Important documents! Insurance documents, personal identification, passports, things like that. Make sure they’re kept together – seal them up, preferably if you’ve got a vacuum sealed bag – make sure they’re safe. Keep them with you because if you ever have to bug out, you know where they are and know that they’re with you.

The other thing, of course, is the good old fashioned cash. Make sure you at least have a little bit of cash, preferably a reasonable amount available to you. If in an emergency there will be a run on cash, if the electric has gone then the cash dispenser isn’t going to be working.

On top of that – don’t forget your clothing. Make sure you’ve got lots of hats, gloves, warm jackets, good pair of shoes if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you gotta get out of town, you want something that’s going to be reliable on your feet – preferably well-worn in. Walking boots would be ideal. If not, a comfortable pair of shoes should be able to get you out of town without giving you blisters.

Forgot to mention- obviously, if you’re cooking food, you’re gonna need some matches. Preferably water-proof matches. If you haven’t got water-proof matches, what you can do is buy regular matches – not safety matches, cause it doesn’t work with safety matches. Get regular matches and dip them in hot wax. And then they become water-proof matches.

Last, but not least is very, very important and a lot of people tend to forget about it – if you’re stuck at home and you’re waiting something out, if you’re waiting out a crisis or whatever it happens to be – you’re gonna need to occupy your mind. So make sure you have plenty of games: board games, card games – one of the handiest things you can have is a deck of cards.

So that was the end of this video. This was to basically touch on some basic equipment. But the absolute thing I have to stress in this video is that once the crisis starts, you will not be able to get hold of this equipment, quite possibly. So it’s really important that you get this stuff first. Not only that, in a crisis, you’re gonna need this stuff. The last thing you wanna be doing is trying to turn the garage upside down, trying to find it. Okay? So have it at hand, get it organized, get it out there, on the table – make an inventory of it and then put it somewhere where you know where it is. And that way, it’s there whenever you need it.

So I hope this video was useful to someone. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next episode.


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