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Prepared #3 – Storing Information and Knowledge Preparedness Series

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Rick: Hi, this is Rick and today I am going to be talking about acquiring and storing useful information.

Voiceover: This is a series of videos introducing people to the concept of preparedness and planning ahead in order to protect themselves and their loved ones in times of crisis or disaster.

Rick: Now, if you are like me, you may rely quite a lot on the internet for information, after all the internet contains pretty much the sum of all human knowledge that chances are if you want to know something, all you got to do is Google it and you are probably going to find your answers. So, what happens if you find yourself in a crisis and, for example, the power goes down and the internet is no longer available to you.

What I recommend for everyone to go and do – I would say do it right now – the second you finish watching this video, I would say go and start doing this, okay? Go to the various websites that you feel will provide with the information you may need if the internet is no longer available to you and start making hard copies.

Now, I will give you an example here. This is some information I pulled off the net. What you do is you print them out and then you put them into the plastic wallet so they are like little books and there is all sorts of really useful information here that will come in handy – or not necessarily handy – I mean, your life could depend on this kind of information. Now, this is information you are probably not going to be sort of retaining up here. I mean, it’s great if you can learn it up here but the chances are some of this information will only ever be useful in the time of a crisis. So, the chances are you are not really going to be retaining that information very well unless you are using it all the time. So, having a hard copy of it is – well, frankly, it’s quite essential.

Now, right now, this is everything I have printed out from the internet; these are all the hard copies and I have categorized them. So far I have got five categories.

So, the chances are – I mean, this is everything water, okay? You will only ever need this is a time of crisis and I mean hopefully you go through your life and you will never need this but all you got to do is keep it on a shelf, keep it somewhere available to you and whatever happens and you do find yourself in a crisis, you have got it covered, okay? The chances are if you find yourself in a crisis and you don’t have this information, it’s not just going to become an inconvenience, it’s going to become life threatening. So, this is information that is so easy to get right now but the chances are, like I said, in a crisis if you suddenly find yourself on your own and you don’t have access to this kind of information, you are going to be in trouble.

<> is books. Don’t just rely on the internet. There are all sorts of books – 1001 Home Remedies, absolutely fantastic. Another one here called Where There Is No Doctor and of course the holy grail of all preparedness books, it’s called the SAS Survival Handbook by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman. No home should be without this book. Also, the other one is, if you do find yourself in a long-term crisis and you are going to have to start sort of supplementing food and things like that, all you going to needs is a trees and plants identification book, okay? If you have information saying that you can eat the bark of whatever tree, you are actually going to need to be able to identify that tree. So, a tree and plant identification book could become a life saver.

So, the point in this video is to put across the importance of knowledge and information. You see, the thing is in a crisis situation, you are going to be needing knowledge and information that you may not necessarily have in here. You may be dealing with circumstances that you have never ever come across before and that is where this comes into <>. This is why information and knowledge on stuff that you don’t normally deal with is so vital. So, I recommend anyone to just start now, start printing, start getting hard copies, start keeping your eye off the books and don’t forget to get an SAS Survival Handbook because this is just the ultimate preparedness and survival bible and, like I said, no home should be without it.

So, I hope this video was useful to someone. Thanks for watching and I will see you in the next episode.


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