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LDS Preparedness 101: Portable Kits Provide Emergency Essentials

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Portable Kits Provide Emergency Essentials
Preparing for an Emergency
Handling an emergency can be difficult. Being prepared can lessen the difficulty you encounter when you are faced with an emergency or natural disaster. There are many ways to prepare for an emergency, and there are products on the market that can help you achieve with that preparation.

Survival Kits For Everyone
Emergency Disaster Systems Inc. (EDS) which is a division of U.S. Biodefense Inc., offers products and services which are intended to help consumers who are faced with a natural disaster or emergency. EDS offers Grab-n-Go Packs which can help consumers prepare for a storm. Grab-n-Go Packs can be very valuable in the even that you are stranded in a storm. EDS offers survival kits for one person or four persons and even a pet survival kit.
Do It Yourself
If you don’t want to spend money on a commercially-available product that is made to help consumers when they are faced with an emergency, you can always prepare your own packs by mimicking what is included in the prepackaged products. Buy one of the packs and create extra packs for each of your vehicles by including similar products.
The Essentials
Water is very important in an emergency and when you are stranded on the road. The EDS packs contain water for the obvious reason that it is essential and in the aftermath of a disaster you might not always have access to clean and drinkable water. However, if you buy an EDS Grab-n-Go Pack, you can also load up your car with extra water. Think about all the unused space in your trunk. It makes sense to store additional bottled water there just in case.
When All Else Fails
In a dire emergency when sanitary drinking water is not available, liquid bleach can be used to purify available water. You can use eight drops of bleach for each gallon of water when you are faced with an emergency or natural disaster and sanitized water is unavailable.
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