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JAKARTA Indonesia — Humanitarian relief efforts to alleviate suffering after a tsunami and an earthquake devastated this area of the world have increased the visibility of the Church in Indonesia and brought priesthood leaders to the forefront of many community events.
Photo by Reyco SiahaanJakarta Mission President Dean C. Jensen and Sister Jean Jensen pause at event adopting them into Indonesias royal family.
This was never more apparent than on Saturday Jan. 20 in Jakarta when President Dean C. Jensen of the Indonesia Jakarta Mission and his wife Jean were adopted into the nations royal family. In a formal four-hour ceremony that included a military guard traditional Indonesian dancing and music President Jensen was given the name Dean C. Jensen Sinambela as he was adopted into the family of Dr. Kanjeng Pangeran Tarnama Sinambela a descendant of the famous Batak King Sisingamangaraja XII who lived in the late 1800s.
Sister Jensen was also adopted into the royal family through Dr. Sinambelas wifes fathers family and given the name of Jean Jensen br. Marpaung.
Most of the recognition we have received in being adopted into this royal family is the result of the humanitarian efforts of the Church to assist the Indonesian people who have suffered in recent years President Jensen told the Church News. We are deeply honored for this recognition but realize that the recognition really goes to every member of the Church who helped by contributing a generous fast offering and by the many Church members and leaders in Indonesia who have assisted with His work.
President Jensen who originally began serving in Indonesia with his wife as a senior missionary couple until his calling as mission president in 2004 explained how their adoption into the royal family came about. After the May 2006 earthquake destroyed thousands of homes in Indonesia President Jensen was asked to speak at a news conference upon the arrival of a cargo jet of relief supplies sent by the Church in partnership with Islamic Relief Worldwide and the Media Group a group of local businesses owned by Surya Paloh who also heads a relief organization called Yayasan Sukma.
During later connections to Yayasan Sukma Mr. Paloh invited President Jensen and Elder Subandriyo an Area Seventy to attend a grand opening for schools. During that meeting President Jensen and Elder Subandriyo met Dr. Sinambela who owns a university called Universitas MPU Tantular. Then in November 2006 President Jensen was invited to address some 500 graduates of Dr. Sinambelas university.
Through these meetings President and Sister Jensen were invited to become part of the Sisingamangaraja Sinambela family.
President Jensen emphasized the good name of the Church in Indonesia. He expressed gratitude for the efforts of Elder Subandriyo and Elder Tom Palmer the LDS Charities country director in working with governmental groups in providing humanitarian relief. Consequently when the tsunami hit Indonesia the end of December 2004 the Church in Indonesia was quick to provide assistance.
The subsequent relief efforts by the Churchs humanitarian department and ongoing restoration projects have contributed to keep the good name of the Church in the public eye in Indonesia. — Julie Dockstader Heaps

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