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One Thing Required for our Salvation

One Thing Required for our Salvation

I was not doing well that morning.  My beloved wife cannot hear her alarm, so when it goes off, I not only wake up, but I have to wake her up.  Even on a Saturday.  Then, as is my fatherly duty, I make pancakes for my wife and son, and go do the day’s shopping.  Prior to the pancakes, prior to the morning scripture study, I had to have my angelic wife say the family prayer.  I just was not in a mood to talk in such a way that Heavenly Father would respect it.  Then the pancakes burned.  My wife laughed it off as “Cajun pancakes.”  There are times I dislike her constantly perky mood.

The one item that I was sent to retrieve was a water storage container, on sale at a local grocery store.  My wife had goals set in regards to our family preparedness purchases, and this month was water storage.  The container I was ordered to retrieve was a 15 gallon container. My high school science teacher told me that I use 2 gallons of water a minute, so this container would not even cover my 10-minute showers.  As I mentally launched into every reason that I should not spend money on this container, my son looked at me and said, “Aren’t we going to get it, Daddy?”

“Why should we?” I asked, my frustrations showing.

I then looked into his eyes.  Rather than giving me that doe-eyed, “why did you raise your voice at me?” look, I saw a gleam in his eye, and confidence in what he was going to tell me. “Because the Prophet told us to.”

At that moment, several things happened all at once.  Number one, the cold, hard freeze that had hit my heart melted.  My face grew red, then the first smile of the day appeared.

Number two, I looked at this little spiritual giant.  I remembered that, in Nursery, he disrobed and danced (twice) much to the delight of the other children, much to the dismay of the nursery leader.  I remembered that he loved to collect rocks and twigs when we went walking.  And I remember that when we watched General Conference on TV, he was in the same room, but coloring or reading or doing some other quiet activity.

Number three, I realized the woman I married was definitely my better half; if our family was going to be saved, temporally or spiritually, it would be because of her joyful spirit and reassuring way that let us all know that following our Heavenly Father, and doing what the Prophet told us, would be best for our family.

I hugged my son, and said, “Of COURSE we are getting it!”  I stood up, picked up the container, and went to the check out counter.  I even was smiling when I realized I left my wallet at home.  This WOULD be a great day after all.

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