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Newest largest Deseret Industries opens

MURRAY Utah — The Churchs newest and largest Deseret Industries Thrift Store is an important component in the tool bag used by bishops and stake presidents in helping and assisting those in need said Presiding Bishop H. David Burton Aug. 22.
Photo by Michael Brandy/Deseret Morning NewsVisitors view donated items.
This store tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. will join nearly 50 other stores in the western United States and will take its place as a sentinel in the program of assisting the poor and the needy said Bishop Burton before dedicating the new facility here.
The old store on the site located at 4500 South near State Street in Murray Utah was demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. The new 53000 square-foot building will serve as a training facility to more than 200 individuals each year.
As the largest Deseret Industries Thrift Store the Murray unit includes a humanitarian service room and will provide thousands of pounds of clothing each year to the Church Humanitarian Center for international distribution. In addition the store — through a community partnership program — will assist 26 charitable agencies in the Salt Lake area including Jewish Family Services shelters for battered women Catholic Community Services and the Salt Lake County Jail.
Before dedicating the new building as a sanctuary for those that stand in need Bishop Burton made reference to an arrangement of sunflowers near the pulpit. Sunflowers he said follow the sun. What we do in assisting those that are less fortunate — we are following the Son the Son of God and His precepts in seeking out and assisting the poor.
In fact Bishop Burton said he had spent the day with that objective in mind.
Photo by Michael Brandy/Deseret Morning NewsAttractive store front of 53000 square-foot facility replaces older store in Murray Utah.
It has been a busy day as it relates to items of welfare he said.
At noon he was in the Utah Governors Mansion along with community leaders celebrating a fund-raising program to help build homes for 240 homeless families in the community.
In addition he said he and his colleagues had spent most of the day worrying about airplanes or specifically about the 747 the Church filled with medical supplies food and hygiene kits that experienced mechanical problems en route to aid earthquake victims in Peru.
Finally he said he had spent time during the day monitoring a hurricane that hit Jamaica and was headed towards the Gulf Coast. A plane filled with emergency goods was set to leave Florida for Jamaica the following morning he said.
When those types of disasters take place telephones at Church headquarters ring off the hook said Bishop Burton. We are grateful for the opportunity for gathering as a body of saints the necessary wherewithal to lend aid to those kinds of stressful situations that arise around the world. We are grateful for the many Latter-day Saints and others that want to reach out and help.
Deseret Industries he continued is an important way to offer help.
Deseret Industries originated toward the end of the Depression in August 1938 in an effort to provide opportunities for individuals to become self-sustaining.
A letter from the First Presidency was read Aug. 14 1938 in sacrament meetings throughout the Salt Lake region calling for contributions of clothing papers magazines articles of furniture electrical fixtures metal and glassware. The store would then employ men and women to sort process and repair the articles collected for sale and distribution among those who desire to obtain usable articles at a minimum cost according to the letter.
During the 1960s and 1970s the Deseret Industries stores also began to emphasize rehabilitation helping to train people with disabilities and others in need of vocational skills.
Photo by Michael Brandy/Deseret Morning NewsPresiding Bishop H. David Burton speaks at dedication services of newest Deseret Industries store. Started in 1938 thrift chain provides donated goods for international humanitarian aid rehabilitation and job training.
Rich McKenna director of Church Humanitarian Services said the real story of what happens at a Deseret Industries today is the training.
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