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Mayday Industries 3600 Food Bar Case Pack 20

LDS Preparedness Product Review: Mayday Industries 3600 Food Bar Case Pack 20

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Mayday Industries 3600 Food Bar Case Pack 20

Mayday Industries 3600 Food Bar Finally! Not only a food ration that tastes Great but it’s also very nutritious. After years of research and development Mayday Industries is proud to announce our 3600 calorie food bars. Our 3600 Calorie food bar is a great tasting food ration bar and has a five year shelf life and is U.S. Coast Guard approved under the new licensing requirements of 1995. Our food bar is baked under strict supervision to insure the quality which you expect. Mayday food rations can be stored outside up to 149 degrees and can be eaten without preparation. Great for extended Hiking Trips. survival at Sea, Earthquake Preparedness, Hurricanes, and other Acts of Nature or any Survival Situation. Make No Compromise – Get the Very Best – Mayday Survival Products. Case Pack 20

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