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Living within your Means as an LDS Woman


In a world where there are so many beautiful things to buy and so many things to spend money on it has become difficult for many to keep a check on their expenses. Many people have found themselves in debt and other difficult financial situations all because of the pressures of this seemingly comfortable life. However, as an LDS woman, to live within your means should be your watchwords. Although this may seem not readily easy to do today yet there are many who have successfully managed to live a life free of debts and financial constraints.

When used properly, money can be our best friend but when used wrong it can become our worst enemy. As an LDS woman who has the responsibility of taking care of our household, it is important to be personally accountable.  Although the Lord has blessed us richly with all that we need and want, we should be wise in how we use.  Keep the following in mind when it comes to financial preparedness.

Know that you are solely responsible for how your money is earned and it will pay greatly if it is earned through honest means. Also, while you earn the money also know that you are responsible for using it correctly. Use it to situations that will only lead to happiness. Think carefully before taking out any debts. It is true that some debts may be essential such as the one incurred in buying a house. However should you use your credit cars to buy shoes you really don’t need? When you are married, always endeavour to seek your spouse’s opinion on any spending venture. Finance is one area in which couples always disagree.

LDS living within your means actually requires you to be responsible. When possible, make use of the LDS emergency resources to that can help control your spending. As always, be a frugal spender and avoid jumping at every advertisement you come across.  There is always theurge to acquire what we can’t afford but a bit of self discipline will definitely help.

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