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What is the LDS Welfare Program?


There are many welfare programs that cater for the needy but the LDS welfare program organised by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints differs in some respect. This program doesn’t just aim to provide for those in need but also aims to help these people in need become self reliant. It is true that you can give a fish to someone but it is definitely better to teach the person how to fish. The program also encourages members to take part in volunteering to provide food and drinks, lodging and other type of care to the needy.

The church encourages members to bring in food, drinks, toiletries and other basic essentials into the LDS Bishop storehouse. This endeavor that was started centuries ago has now grown into what is referred to as LDS charity. Today the needy are identified by the church leaders in the local community and to be given any item from the bishop’s storehouse, a potential recipient needs a signed acknowledgment from the local bishop.

The bishop will look at the circumstances of a member and then determine the type and amount of assistance they should receive. It is not a way to make members dependent on the church as they are advised to live within their means where possible and cut out unnecessary expenses. The church will not hand out cash but rather food and basic necessities. While in the LDS welfare program, members are encouraged to continue to be productive in one way or the other. They can take up a service in church or something similar.

The LDS welfare program has grown over the years and today includes many different organs. There is a day service where members are called upon to come out en masse and offer community service. This service can be spiritual or physical. Also members can take active participation in community projects. Apart from providing food and basic necessities, the program also provides training and adoption services.

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