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LDS Preparedness Tips for Beginners


Some years ago, it would have been strange to hear people talking or preparedness tips but after the financial meltdown of the past years, more people are giving more thoughts to this than previously. For someone just starting out of the LDS preparedness, the huge amount of information available can be very confusing. The best way to get going is to break down the to-do list to the smallest components that can easily be understood.

According to the First Presidency of the church, there are four tasks to tackle; three month food supply for each member of the family, water storage, financial reserve, and long term food storage. A three month supply should include mainly the food that is consumed by you and your family on a daily basis. Members are often advised to add a few extra of what they need every time they go for shopping. This will help avoid the burden of having to buy in bulk at once.

For water storage, always follow the recommended guidelines for purification and storage in the area where you live. This should not be necessary if you are buying bottled water. To save money for emergency all you need to do is to save a little amount as often as you can. Before you know, it would have become a very big account. Since this is money for an emergency it should not be touched and when necessary only for very important reasons. At the end of it all, you may now be able to concentrate on bulking up on long term supply of food items. This should mainly be those with long shelf life such as cereals and canned food. Proper LDS food storage is always a must in such circumstances.

Apart from food storage, there are other items that you will find essential. If you are at a loss of what to do, you can make use of the LDS emergency resources which will provide you with all that you may ever need in time of distress. All the advice contained herewith is also valuable for LDS disaster relief.

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